Die Main-Show beginnt an beiden Abenden um 1 Uhr nachts deutscher Zeit. Christian defeated Chris Jericho: Trish Stratus showed up and “accidentally” elbowed Chris Jericho, thinking it was Christian. The event began with the Boys Choir of Harlem singing "America the Beautiful". Moments later, the entire roster had decided to move aside and let Austin by to confront Lesnar in the ring. John Cena defeated The Big Show (WWE United States Title) Card; Card with guide; Feuds; Podcasts; Champions ; Additional events; Ratings; Comments; Name of the event: WWE WrestleMania XX - "Where it all Begins... Again" Date: 14.03.2004. WrestleMania XX “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” Madison Square Garden, again served as the backdrop for a milestone WrestleMania, which saw Eddie Guerrero rely on his savvy tricks to pin Kurt Angle in a technical masterpiece for the WWE Title. MAR. [3][21][22], The next match was a fatal four-way tag team match involving Rob Van Dam and Booker T, Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley) and La Résistance (René Duprée and Rob Conway) for the World Tag Team Championship. Robert Leighty, Jr. of 411mania gave the event an overall score of 7.3 out of 10.0 and noted that "This is a very long show with a lot of filler to get as many people as possible involved, but the Main Matches all delivered in some way. Before the year was out, both men would receive shots at their respective brands' top championships. On the SmackDown side, Sable reverted to her heel persona and engaged in a short feud with Torrie Wilson. “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” Madison Square Garden, again served as the backdrop for a milestone WrestleMania, which saw Eddie Guerrero rely on his savvy tricks to pin Kurt Angle in a technical masterpiece for the WWE Title. Ausgabe von WrestleMania im Raymond James Stadium und somit wieder unter freiem Himmel stattfinden. The Triple Threat match between Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship receiving the highest rating of 7.5 out of 10 stars, the match between Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship was rated 7 out of 10 stars, the match between The Undertaker and Kane was rated 2 out of 10 stars, and the match between Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar received the lowest rating of the matches with a rating of 0 out of 10 stars. Victoria defeated Molly Holly to retain the WWE Women’s title: Victoria pinned Molly to retain her championship, and then Molly got her head shaved bald! It looked as though Michaels was going to win, but the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff came into the ring at the last minute and made the pinfall, counting to three for what appeared to be Michaels winning the title. Bei den Frauen setzte sich durchaus überraschend nicht der ehemalige NXT-Champion Shayna Baszler durch. Da er schon zweimal an Leukämie erkrankt ist, zählt Reigns zur Risikogruppe und ist besorgt um seinen Gesundheitszustand – auf Instagram bestätigte er, dass er nicht bei WrestleMania teilnehmen wird. Funaki; Jamie Noble def. [8] The event generated an estimated $13.5 million of economic activity for New York City and created an equivalent of 96 full-year jobs.[9]. brand, then came to the ring and said he was taking advantage of that loophole, joining the Raw brand and challenging Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XX. Required fields are marked *. CRUISERWEIGHT OPEN FOR THE WWE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE Guerrero performed a DDT and Frog Splash on Angle that would result in a pin attempt; Angle then recovered and applied an ankle lock but Guerrero escaped the hold by rolling through it and throwing Angle out of the ring. Please check the Tucows website for all current versions of the software. Guest Referee damals war übrigens Box-Legende Muhammad Ali. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH The Undertaker came out in full “darkside” mode with the suit, the hair, the attitude, and the music. Dort sind alle Pay-Per-Views zu verfolgen – monatlich kostet das Network 9,99 US-Dollar. Vor einigen Jahren hat die WWE einen eigenen Streamingdienst, das WWE Network, auch in Deutschland an den Start gebracht. [40] At Survivor Series their feud finally ended in a Four-on-Four Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match with Guerrero's team (composed by Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam, and John Cena) resulting as victorious against Team Angle (composed by Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, and Carlito). WrestleMania XX was met with a generally mixed critical reception. Sie dauert jeweils eine Stunde, beginnt damit um Mitternacht deutscher Zeit und ist kostenlos unter anderem auf dem offiziellen YouTube-Kanal der WWE und auch auf der Facebook-Seite der WWE zu sehen. März fand die Vertragsunterzeichnung für das Match statt. Victoria defeated Molly Holly (Hair vs. WWE Women’s Title Match) With Angle confused, Guerrero pinned Angle with a roll-up to win the match and retain the WWE Championship. Eine Woche später hat AJ Styles verkündet, dass es zu dem Aufeinandertreffen in einem Boneyard Match kommen wird. [43], The Triple Threat match was also placed #2 on IGN's list of Top 20 Matches in WrestleMania History. At the Royal Rumble, Goldberg was entered in the Royal Rumble match, only to have Lesnar (who, as the reigning WWE Champion, was not entered into the match) interfere and hit an F-5, causing Goldberg to be eliminated by Kurt Angle. About Us What’s New Help Center Jobs API Become a Partner. [10] It was the first of WWE's original four pay-per-views, which includes Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series, dubbed the "Big Four". “Registration is free and ongoing and all the participants will be awarded certificates after the tournament,” Sharp told Voice Sport. Diese Stipulation hat es zuvor noch nie gegeben, es war aber nur eine leicht abgewandelte Version eines Buried Alive Matches. This time, Guerrero pushed Angle off with his other foot, allowing him to break free from Angle's hold. Zudem findet das Event nicht nur Sonntagnacht statt, sondern ist ein Teil der Show bereits 24 Stunden vorher, am Samstagabend, ausgetragen worden. Darüber waren die Fans natürlich ziemlich erzürnt! [19][20] During Lesnar's WWE title defense against Eddie Guerrero later that night, Goldberg returned to the arena and interfered by executing a spear, which caused Lesnar to lose the title after Guerrero nailed him with a Frog splash. Slaughter, and Jesse “The Body” Ventura.. During his acceptance speech, Bobby Heenan broke down as spoke about Gorilla Monsoon and wishing he was there, and honored him in his speech.. PLAYBOY EVENING GOWN MATCH 21 Siege feierte er in Serie, in zwei Jahren musste er verletzungsbedingt aussetzen (1994, 2000). Torrie & Sable defeated Stacy & Miss Jackie (Playboy Match) You're not coming back, I buried you alive." [32] Benoit emerged victorious by submission for the second consecutive pay-per-view, this time forcing Michaels to submit to a Sharpshooter. [30] To solve this, Bischoff booked a return Triple Threat match to serve as the main event for Backlash. "[42] The Triple Threat match between Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship has received critical acclaim with many wrestling publications and websites calling this match one of the greatest wrestling matches of all time. [44], 2004 World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view event, the chorus of Steam's "Na Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye", "Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Kane participated in the Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Booker T after the bell from The Undertaker's old theme music began playing just to upset and distracted him. Molly Holly to retain, WWE Championship Match Eddie Guerrero def. ", while Undertaker simply stood staring stoically at Kane. Blue light began to fill the arena as Bearer, carrying the Undertaker's former trademark urn, led a group of Druids, all chanting and carrying torches, onto the entrance ramp. comment. The beginning of the match began with both men staring each other down, jawing back and forth, with no physical action for several minutes, causing an exasperated Austin at one point to coax them into locking up. Eventually, Kane decided to see if Undertaker was indeed standing in front of him by slowly inching forward with his hand outstretched. Kane spent the rest of his time in a feud with Lita and Matt Hardy, which led to the debut of Gene Snitsky and a feud with him. 36 videos Updated 2 years ago. November, SWR Nachtcafé heute: Die Gäste und das Thema am Freitag, Netflix-Horror aus Polen: So gruselig ist „Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight“, Mit 200 Gästen! WrestleMania XX was the 20th annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Cena executed an FU for a near-fall. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. Wyatt entschied das Duell mit der Madible Claw für sich. 2 months ago. [2][3][21][22], Despite the effort from WWE to promote the Brock Lesnar versus Goldberg contest, some critics expressed disappointment with the match, with many in Madison Square Garden booing both competitors and only cheering for Steve Austin because of the fact that both participants were set to leave the WWE after the event with Goldberg not signing a new contract and Lesnar going to work in the NFL. John Cena defeated The Big Show to win the WWE United States title: John Cena came out and did his rap – he’s trying to get “Damn Straight!” over like Austin did with “Hell yeah!” Cena hit the Big Show with an Giant-sized FU, but only got a two-count. The wrestling and rope skipping Independence Tournament will start from 9 am until 12 noon. [3][6][21][22], The tenth match of the night was the match for the WWE Championship between the champion Eddie Guerrero and the challenger Kurt Angle. Kidman was then pinned and eliminated by Rey Mysterio with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the top rope. Christian grabbed Trish by the hair and made out with her as Jericho’s heart broke.. INTERVIEW: Lilian Garcia interviewed Mick Foley…. Tajiri; Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo Classic def. This was both Lesnar's and Goldberg's final match with WWE until the 2012 edition of Extreme Rules and the 2016 edition of Survivor Series respectively. The crowd ruined any chance of the match getting over with chants of “This Match Sucks” and “Hogan” and “Boring!” Goldberg won after a spear and a jackhammer, with Referee Austin having no influence at all. Published. The match was centered around both men maneuvering around on the mat. To cover this in storyline, Angle was made the on-screen General Manager of SmackDown! The match started with Benoit and Michaels wanting to face the champion, but would wrestle each other to try and gain an advantage before Triple H's intervention led to the match going back-and-forth between all three men, performing their signature holds and maneuvers throughout. Im darauffolgenden Jahr kam es zum Schock – der Undertaker musste sich Brock Lesnar geschlagen geben und der „Streak“ war beendet. He also stated it's going to take more than an empty casket and an urn to intimidate and beat him. Tucows, Inc has graciously donated a copy of this software to the Internet Archive's Tucows Software Archive for long term preservation and access. Bei SmackDown kam es zu einem Face-To-Face zwischen dem 53-Jährigen und Roman Reigns. After this, the lights in the arena went out and Paul Bearer, Undertaker's former manager and Kane's (storyline) father, was heard screaming "oh yes!". Torrie Wilson pinned Jackie Gayda to win — Stacy seemed to be upset with Jackie for losing the match.. Botswana Wrestling Federation (BWF) will host an online Independence tournament this Saturday. Chavo Guerrero Jr. retained his title in a Cruiserweight Open Basham Brothers, World's Greatest Tag Team and APA to retain, Women's Championship MatchVictoria def. Team Smackdown elimination matches, IC and WWE Cruiserweight Title matches", "Powell's WrestleMania 33 live review: Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns, Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship, AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon, Seth Rollins vs. Es gibt unter anderem verschiedene Shows, Autogrammstunden und Conventions. Triple H – World Heavyweight Championship", "WrestleMania XX Sets Record As Highest Grossing Event For World Wrestling Entertainment at Madison Square Garden", "More Than 20,000 Attend WrestleMania XX As World Wrestling Entertainment Triumphantly Returns To Madison Square Garden", "WrestleMania 29 press conference brings WWE to Radio City Music Hall", "WrestleMania is Super Bowl of sports entertainment", "Chris Benoit (spot No. John Cena is the NEW United States Champion! The tournament will also be used to sensitize the nation about the scourge of Gender-Based Violence (GBV). : After a hard fought match that really heated up at the end, Eddie Guerrero picked up the surprising win! Nur die für die Produktion notwendigen Mitarbeiter und die Wrestler werden vor Ort sein. Über mehrere Jahrzehnte blieb der „Deadman“ seit seinem ersten Auftritt 1991 ungeschlagen. Damit ist Braun Strowman erstmals WWE Universal Champion. This also marks the first WrestleMania to have a match billed as "inter-promotional", which means that a party from Raw would wrestle a party from SmackDown!. Nein! Ziemlich überraschend fügte Goldberg „The Fiend“ beim Super Showdown in Saudi Arabien dessen ersten Niederlage zu und holte sich den Titel als WWE Universal Champion. Stone Cold then gave Bill Goldberg a Stone Cold Stunner of his own! Schnell wird klar: Das Event war der Versuch von WWE-Boss Vince McMahon, Wrestling in die Pop-Kultur zu integrieren. In den Nächten vom 4. auf den 5. sowie dem 5. auf den 6. On the March 11 episode of SmackDown!, Austin appeared to get his four-wheeler back from Lesnar only for the entire roster to get in his way by orders of SmackDown! Sign up. WrestleMania XX was the 20th annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Search. The card for the event featured two main events. General manager Paul Heyman. [36][37] At The Great American Bash, Guerrero defended his title in a Texas Bull Rope match against John "Bradshaw" Layfield. [3][21][22], The seventh match featured Brock Lesnar and Goldberg with special guest referee, Steve Austin. April 2020 findet WrestleMania 36, das größte Event des Jahres, statt. [32] Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff liked the idea of the match, but concluded with adding that he made a promise to Michaels for granting him a World title match at Backlash. Dabei wurde er von „The Fiend“ Bray Wyatt unterbrochen. After the PPV went off the air, Chris Benoit’s father, wife and his two kids came into the ring and celebrated with him. Aufgrund des Coronavirus hat WWE aber am 16. La Resistance, Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade and the Dudleys to retain, Christian def. [3][21][22], The next match was another four-way tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship involving Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty, versus the APA (Bradshaw and Faarooq), the Basham Brothers (Doug Basham and Danny Basham) and the World's Greatest Tag Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas). The Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero, was the final entrant and pinned Mysterio with a reversal of Mysterio's Sunset Flip to win with the assistance of his father Chavo Classic, thus retaining the title. ITEM IMAGE download. This is the official WWE wallpaper for Wrestle Mania XX. March 14, 2004 – New York City, New York – Madison Square Garden, WRESTLEMANIA QUICK & DIRTY RESULTS: As the referee went to grab the chain, Cena used brass knux on Big Show and hit another FU for the win! Reigns hat vor WrestleMania darum gebeten, erst einmal nicht bei den Performance-Center-Events aufzutreten. WrestleMania“ Shawn Michaels musste aufgrund seiner zweiten Niederlage gegen den Undertaker seine Karriere beenden. In der zweiten Nacht standen dann doch diese Matches an: WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre besiegt Titelträger Brock Lesnar, NXT Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair setzt sich gegen Titelverteidiger Rhea Ripley durch, WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Titelverteidiger Bayley gewinnt gegen Sasha Banks, Tamina, Naomi und Lacey Evans, WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: Titelverteidiger The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) setzen sich gegen Angel Garza & Austin Theory durch, Edge gewinnt gegen Randy Orton in einem Last Man Standing Match, „The Fiend“ Bray Wyatt besiegt John Cena in einem Firefly Fun House Match. Der Sieger konnte einen Briefcase mit einem garantierten Titelmatch, das er zu jeder Zeit einlösen konnte, gewinnen. Nachdem Edge Orton daraufhin auch offiziell zu einem Match herausforderte, ist es bei WrestleMania zum Aufeinandertreffen gekommen. Library. After the two men wrestled a match marred by interference from the champion on the February 16 episode of Raw, Austin decided to make Triple H's title defense a Triple threat match. The door swung open and out walked the Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young! Rikishi and Scotty retained after Rikishi pinned Danny with a Bonzai Drop. Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty defeated The APA (Farooq & Bradshaw) defeated The Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny) and Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin to retain the WWE Tag Team titles: Rikishi pinned Danny Basham to win and retain their tag team titles — then they danced! Als Nummer 21 kam er im Royal Rumble Match in den Ring und machte einen sehr guten Eindruck. Ultimo Dragon; Jamie Noble def. The Rock grabbed the camera and walked around, bumping into Hurricane & Rosey, then Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka. download 1 file . After WrestleMania XX, Trish Stratus went on to team with Christian in a losing effort to Chris Jericho in a handicap match at Backlash. brands. 's Benoit won the contest by last eliminating The Big Show. Lesnar challenged Goldberg to a final match at WrestleMania 33 which Goldberg accepted. WWE hat inzwischen auf die Corona-Pandemie reagiert und entschieden, dass WrestleMania trotzdem wie geplant stattfindet. [18]On the February 26 episode of SmackDown!, Lesnar stated that he appeared on Raw just to get back at Austin for giving Goldberg the front-row seat ticket and suggesting that Goldberg would attack Lesnar at No Way Out. Reigns forderte den Champion zu einem Match heraus und so wurde bereits Ende Februar das Titelmatch vereinbart. On the February 23 episode of Raw, Vince McMahon named the Interpromotional singles match pitting Lesnar versus Goldberg for WrestleMania XX with Austin as the special guest referee. Nachdem sich die beiden über 30 Minuten durch das Performance Center prügelten, setzte sich Edge durch. Chris Benoit beat Triple H and Shawn Michaels (World Heavyweight Title).