SUBtember was first celebrated in 2017. However, a bug was discovered recently that allowed members to unsubscribe to a channel and then instantly re-subscribe, taking advantage of the discount. Twitch ha anunciado el lanzamiento de SUBtember, un evento en el que durante tres semanas del mes de septiembre pondrán las suscripciones básicas a mitad de precio. Capital One no solo colabora para que este SUBtember sea posible, sino que también ayuda a los clientes a aprovechar su dinero al máximo con Eno, el asistente de Capital One que controla los cobros que podrían sorprenderte y te ayuda a corregirlos. Esta oferta estará vigente desde el 1 de septiembre a la 1 p. m. PT hasta el 30 de septiembre para todos los niveles de suscripción en (no está disponible en dispositivos móviles, pero los usuarios de estos dispositivos pueden dirigirse a para acceder a la oferta). #earlyvoting #election2020, Needed a new headshot on the fly, and one turned o, Some early decorating for Spooky Season. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { Now it’s gone, and streamers are mourning the wasted potential. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Last updated Sat, Nov 14 at 10:14. Enter your email below. From an idea and some notes to a fully functioning website, if you can dream it, Mitch can design and build it! We also offer a community to network with like-minded people. We show you how to work with the most interesting content creators on the planet - Twitch streamers! So, if we start a new recurring subscription, the discount will apply! This has been tested by several people on Twitter, so if it stops working please let me know there (@thatmitchcanter). It is continuing to grow, has completely beat out competition like Mixer, and even seems a bit more set up for success with the COVID-19 pandemic than most. — Twitch Support (@TwitchSupport) September 3, 2020 And, quite honestly, it sucks. If you are trying to reach Twitch milestones, using SUBtember is a great way to generate a few extra subs, potentially unlock emotes, and build your community. We do that in a number of ways. Durante todo el mes, homenajearemos a los creadores que demuestran su pasión en Twitch y a los espectadores que hacen que esta comunidad sea tan dinámica. Still, as Twitch has grown and changed, so have streamers’ income sources. The streaming company has had some hardships lately, including the firing of Twitch Partnership manager after an internal investigation. Here is the history of SUBtember on Twitch: Not only is SUBtember a good play on words, it gives viewers another incentive on how they can support their favorite streamers. I hope that this event continues to happen year after year. Here are a few things you can try: SUBtember started in 2017 and promotions have varied each year. Streamers are,... Sam is a 20 year-old college student who says he felt deceived by U.S. military recruitment efforts at his own high school. Log into Twitch and click on your profile picture. From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show. SUBtember, sponsored by Capital One, offers subscription discounts that are tiered in accordance with the length of the commitment: 20% off the first month of a new recurring one-month subscription, 25% off the first three months of a recurring three-month subscription, and 30% off the first six months of a six-month subscription. The bug, in this case, allowed even previously subscribed viewers to re-subscribe to streamers at a discounted rate: 20 per cent off for one month, 25 per cent off for three months, and 30 per cent off for six months. Tubefilter is the curator of online video. SUBtember was started 4 years ago as a way for viewers to celebrate and give back to … A Twtich stream? After all, who watches a streamer for the first time and thinks “Heck yeah, I’m gonna commit here and now for six months to this person and community I barely know”? For the past handful of years, Twitch has run an annual “Subtember” promotion that lets viewers subscribe to streamers’ channels at a discounted rate. In 2017, for example, all subscriptions were 50 per cent off for the first month, though the new subscriber stipulation was still in place. Subtember is the easiest time to support your favorite creators and streaming friends. Streamers saw it as a way of rewarding longtime viewers — one of their most reliable income sources — and viewers who are already fans, perhaps courting them into converting a free subscription from Amazon Prime, or that they’d received as a gift into a paid subscription. For Subtember’s most discounted tiers, three months and six months, this made a good deal of sense. Lo mejor de todo es que los streamers seguirán recibiendo el valor completo de una suscripción, y no hay un límite para la cantidad de canales a los que te puedes suscribir con la promoción de SUBtember. I’m not sure if ya’ll have noticed or not, but we’re in the midst of a global pandemic (still!). This year, it seemed like Twitch had sweetened the deal in a way that benefited dedicated viewers — the audience streamers want to convert into subscribers — but it turned out to be a bug on Twitch’s end. if (typeof siteads.queue !== 'undefined') { The Twitch SUBtember promotion is designed to bring in new members to the Twitch community. The term is a play on words, merging together the words “Sub” and “September.” During the month of September, subscriptions on Twitch are discounted, making it more affordable for followers to support their favorite streamers. You’ll see a list of your current subscriptions. The event is called SUBtember and there are a few ways that streamers can maximize the event on their own channels. ¿Recibiste una suscripción de regalo? (That said, Twitch reportedly takes a substantial 50% cut of all subscriptions, except with respect to top streamers who average 10,000 viewers or more during streams. The verbiage on the deal states that the discount is for any new recurring, remember? “Even in a pandemic, Twitch still wants their money even though the struggle is real,” said fitness and video game streamer StreetGrind. Yes, I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but we’re only cancelling it just long enough to break the ‘recurring’ part of it. For the fourth year running, Twitch is offering discounts on all subscriptions purchased in September for its annual SUBtember event. Streamers have near-universally lambasted this decision, pointing out that it vastly reduces the usefulness of a promotion that was already pretty confusing to viewers. I hope you’ll join us for the ride. During the month of September, viewers will be able to subscribe to channels under the following conditions: 20% off new and recurring one-month subs; 25% off new and recurring three-month subs (must pay for three months during the month of September) 25% off new and recurring three-month subs (must pay for three months during the month of September), 30% off new and recurring six-month subs (must pay for six months during the month of September). I put this in quotes because it’s not like we’re cheating the system. Most importantly, however, the money you make from the discounted subs does not change – you still earn the same amount as you would from a full-price subscription! While the details of SUBtember vary from year to year, streamer strategies can remain the same. The good thing with regard to the SUBtember discount issue is that the creators haven't been negatively affected and that the promotion still exists for those who have or continue to take advantage of it. Since we launched Drops in 2017, we’ve continued to improve upon it, giving game developers new ways for streamers and viewers... Los Videos Grupales ya están disponibles para los creadores de todo el mundo. Last updated Sat, Nov 14 at 10:14. Once you’ve done that, immediately head to the streamer’s page (or back to your dashboard) and re-subscribe immediately for the discounted price! So get out there! Twitch notes that while viewers will receive a discount on their end, creators will continue to receive the full value of each subscription. There’s no limit to the number of subscriptions that viewers can purchase throughout SUBtember, Twitch said, and the discounts can also be applied for users who already have a channel subscriptions but want to increase their level of support. Most Watched Fastest Growing Highest Peak Viewership Most Popular Most Followed #1. Si es así, esta es una gran oportunidad para actualizar tu suscripción de canal gratuita y seguir apoyando a tu streamer favorito. And the promotion itself is very helpful for those who want to start supporting creators. Any discount – no matter how small – was a way for those people to still be able to support their favorite content creators – probably one of their best sources of entertainment since most of us are stuck in our houses. El apoyo de los espectadores les permite a los streamers hacer lo que nunca pensaron que sería posible, y vamos a compartir algunas de esas historias durante el mes en la página principal. Twitch SUBtember 2020 . Twitch is in an interesting place, and one that many companies would be happy to be in. Como suscriptor, en función del canal, puedes desbloquear beneficios como: Para obtener el descuento, inicia sesión en Twitch y haz clic en el botón Suscribirse en las páginas de canal de tus streamers favoritos. siteads.queue.push( {"site":"kotaku","pagetype":"article","ad_type":"article","sec":"in-real-life","amp":false,"ctype":"article","article":"streamers upset at twitch for fixing bug that actually gave fans a good deal","article-tags":["streaming","subtember","twitch"],"native":["null"],"aggregate":["streaming","subtember","twitch"],"pageID":["null"],"sub-sec":"","cat":"in-real-life","cat1":"","item":{"objectid":1082259,"title":"Streamers Upset At Twitch For Fixing Bug That Actually Gave Fans A Good Deal","text":" For the past handful of years, Twitch has run an annual “Subtember” promotion that lets viewers subscribe to streamers’ channels at a discounted rate. Yesterday, however, Twitch announced that it was a bug. Consulta todos los términos y condiciones a continuación. — Twitch Support (@TwitchSupport) September 3, 2020 Click on the gear icon and select the “Don’t Renew Subscription” option. }, “We discovered a bug with the Subtember promotion which allowed Subscribers to cancel and resubscribe to a channel using the promotional discount,” Twitch said on Twitter.