12:15:37, Posted 23/10/2020 at Olalekan look after yourself pal. Will be interesting to see Godfrey again at right-back again. 24/10/2020 at 21:42:26, Posted Now Bernard available position is a bit further forward when Rodriguez is playing , but he hasn't a good record of scoring. Southampton v Everton: L: 3-0: FA Cup: 09 Feb 1901: Southampton v Everton: W: 1-3: FA Cup: 04 Mar 1905: Everton v Southampton: W: 4-0: FA Cup: 07 Mar 1908: Everton v Southampton: D: 0-0: FA Cup: 11 Mar 1908: Southampton v Everton: L: 3-2: FA Cup: 20 Dec 1930: Everton v Southampton: W: 2-1: League Division Two: 25 Apr 1931: Southampton v Everton: L: 2-1: League Division Two: 18 Aug 1951: … Soak up the K.O. 12:55:04, Posted Nuestro pronóstico respalda la victoria del Everton, líder actual de la Premier League. Big Test after this weeks hysteria but with Carlo, Satan and God(frey) how can we go wrong. 21:51:31, Posted 24/10/2020 at Has llegado a la edición de ESPN Deportes. So no wonder the refs are all over the place because cheating being accepted and even encouraged, is a much bigger issue than anything that has gone on in the last week for sure. 24/10/2020 at 23/10/2020 at 24/10/2020 at 24/10/2020 at Easy mistake for a lay person to make.I hope he's not one of the 63% the of RS players who's asthmatic as I wouldn't want him to have breathing issues, too. I wouldn't worry Allan (144). 14:42:48, Posted The obvious risk of being on the bench is that a injury on the field could cut down their chances of playing. 24/10/2020 at 24/10/2020 at 24/10/2020 at 12:25:38, Posted its Saturday.. and over to sky hospital news..dick van dyke is alive ! Phil Wood @87, Like you I just don't understand Carlo's reluctance to play Gordon. 19:34:58, Posted The game will be featured live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Premier League. Like someone has already mentioned though, Carlo is unpredictable so wouldn’t be surprised to see Sigurdsson start either in a re-jigged midfield as he has performed well enough when introduced. 10:46:18, Posted Sharpiesx4, at the old Dell, no, but some good knocks in for DCL, on the angle, early doors. It's a win at all costs mentality. They will be thinking that we won't respond in kind because of the bad press. 16:19:40, Posted 17:08:57, Posted Los últimos 7 partidos entre estos dos equipos tuvieron goles de ambos lados en el marcador. 21:16:19, Posted We have Digne or Sigurdsson to fire in really dangerous crosses and Calvert-Lewin, Keane and Mina who are a nightmare for defenders and fantastic in the air. We are proud of our Nigerian connections with Mr Yobo, Amokachi and great fans like yourself. We should be getting stronger as this campaign is going on. There could be truth in what Tony#178 has said. 21:57:42, Posted He may even be playing against us today. Hopefully this trouble will soon be over. With Pickford's challenge, "subtle" just doesn't come into it. La Federación Egipcia de Futbol dio a conocer el positivo de Salah en un comunicado de prensa. Now the RS need 2 more miracles credited to him and he can be officially beatified by Pope Francis. 25/10/2020 at Sheff Utd have also lost their mainstay central defender for the season, Leeds have lost their main central defender for recent games but these facts are hardly mentioned when reviewing a clubs performance. Time to show resolve, togetherness and true grit. Come and stand in our shoes you moaning bastards, going on with your premeditated bollocks, because it's one of your main players that's been unfortunately injured. 12:54:27, Posted If Everton do well they will go into overload and be even more ridiculous in their claims. “He had a big hematoma and was not able to train until today. I know it's a pain in the proverbial having to wait, and not knowing whether to cheer cry or whatever, but isn't it best to 'hopefully get it right' ? Doucoure AllanSigurdsson - Gomes needs to step it up, JamesCaalvert-LewinIwobi - possibly Bernard, but I'd like to see Gordon's pace. Bill @2, the latest I heard was that he wasn't actually in a coma, but mistakenly took Curry Powder thinking it to be Heroin, to numb the excruciating pain, medicinal purposes only btw. pressure, get 1 after 20 - 25mins, soak up the 2nd half pressure, 1 on the break while they're over committing chasing the game...classic away game jobby - and I won't cry if a 3rd goes in either, The team I believe will start on Sunday isSatan In Goal, Godfrey, Mina. When was the last time we were the last unbeaten team in the Premier League? If he's set out to take out Van Dijk there, then he's madder than a box of frogs. If James doesn't start, Iwobi on the right, I was very impressed with his showboat last week, but he needs to up his workrate. Which Premier League Team has impressed you the most so far this season. Southampton will come at us with passion at the start. 20:45:57, Posted While we may have one or two out and Southampton are half decent (and they have Ings who always scores) why fear them? 25/10/2020 at Anyway I suppose as they say it's a door opening now for the likes of Iwobi, Bernard, Gordon ect: I'm thinking Bernard is probably on his final throes at Everton as Carlo doesn't seem keen on him, so maybe he'll see it as a chance to put himself in the shop window. 11:29:59, Posted Predicciones y Consejos de Apuestas de Fútbol. 25/10/2020 at He has played really well in the cup games this season and has a point to prove. Stay safe. Rob Page, interino de la Selección de Gales, le aseguró a Mourinho que cuidarán a Bale. Soton gave us a very tough game at Goodison last season and should have beaten us. 23:58:35, Posted 12:03:59, Posted 11:49:56, Posted (I think he was sold rather than loaned.). 17:47:45, Posted 25/10/2020 at Come on Lyndon / Michael. I am far from convinced Iwobi is good enough, but lets hope he takes this chance with both hands. 25/10/2020 at I'm still slightly bemused why we didn't try for some kind of attacking signing before the window closed, the Josh King situation for example I'm surprised we weren't all over that one. Duncan was an entertainer who stayed less time here than Bruce but both of them longer than Bingham who signed them. 23/10/2020 at Disclaimer. He's at Southampton now. In tab Goals stats (tab Stats->Goals stats) check how many loses and scored goals per game, how many games won and lost to zero. So stop hiding behind the settee, stop pacing the floor with doubts, this is the new Everton. Sky showed the tackle or assault depending on who you are, eight times in one report last night. I hope he is going to train tomorrow and we will see if he is in condition to play on Sunday.”. Some of the comments on the offside goal were hilarious if only for the ignorance displayed.I notice he stopped short of recommending retrospective action against Jimmy Case (for the tackle that ended Geoff Nulty’s career) or Dirk Kuyt for his attempted assassination of Phil Neville. Now the lad gets fouled right left and centre and must get thoroughly pissed off with it, but in one challenge last night (there may have been others) as the player come in to tackle him he trails the nearest leg, to the player, out in a totally unnatural movement so that him being knocked to the ground is inevitable.It's what's become known as "buying a foul" but it should still be referred to (IMO) for what it is, cheating. 11:53:47, Posted 06:37:07, Posted Then again, I don't get paid the big bucks to make these kinds of decisions. 11:50:48, Posted 23:55:21, Posted 24/10/2020 at Does a player not miss a game after a Red Card? In wartime they called it 'disinformation', let the enemy think you are going in one direction, or have a definite plan, and then do either the opposite or something completely different. He is much better now and we have confidence that maybe he can play. 24/10/2020 at 23/10/2020 at All, have a good night and stay safe and well. 23/10/2020 at I do think Rodriguez seems to have fulfilled the Bernard role, and more. 23/10/2020 at Gomes has to put a bigger effort into training to get up to pace of the Premier League. It’s been a long time since teams saw us like this! 09:32:54, Posted the last matches of selected teams, league table, top scorers, 24/10/2020 at 23:31:53, Posted Pronóstico y Predicción, Head to Head (H2H), Comparación de Equipos y Estadísticas. 25/10/2020 at I was critical of him last season but that's because he had completely dropped off his form he had when he first signed for us, the way he linked up with Digne, ok it was never the "Bainaar" but it was pretty effective. Quedarse en el sitio actual o ir a edición preferida. Apologies if this is the wrong thread but I didn't know where else to put it. 9 matches ended in a draw. Southampton pose a typically unpredictable task for the Toffees. 22:15:39, Posted 11:05:44, Posted 25/10/2020 at 25/10/2020 at 22:09:56, Posted 23/10/2020 at 16:30:14, Posted It wouldn’t surprise me if he moved on in January to get some football. Check Odds stats (Tab Stats->odds), where you will find graphical statistics bet Under / Over and Handicap. Carlo has been talking up Alex Iwobi, as being able at some stage to slot in and score goals from the left side of attack. Han anotado el segundo mayor número de goles en lo que va del torneo y actualmente llevan una racha invicta de diez partidos. 11:01:41, Posted Everything seems to be falling nicely for us this season, a tough game coming up but I expect a great performance or Lady Luck shining on us today. 23/10/2020 at Check out Thierry Small, another left footer who is a baller, on the BBC Wonderkids challenge. 23/10/2020 at Bertrand and Redmond will attack quite a lot down the left, and have pace about them so the loss of the resurgent Coleman is a shame. 24/10/2020 at TalkSport have been on about it this morning, a week after the incident. 09:40:29, Posted 25/10/2020 at I think this one is at face value from Carlo. 10:56:40, Posted 24/10/2020 at 24/10/2020 at An acid test but, a real test of character. 17:37:40, Posted 20:44:10, Posted Not good enough on his wages. 10:23:23, Posted 21:43:44, Posted 23/10/2020 at Below the text is a list of the direct games. 23/10/2020 at It's accompanied by a digestive disorder that creates so much bile that requires expelling against anything or anyone who does not agree with them. 25/10/2020 at 11:37:22, Posted 24/10/2020 at Stay safe Olalekan. Football is a contact sport and these things will happen to players from every team and also cause by players from every team. MW6 stats: Mendy emulates Cech with shutout at Old Trafford, Best of 2019/20: All of Danny Ings Goals 24/10/2020 at If you see it again in slow motion though he certainly didn't go into that to merely win the ball. Really frustrated we didn’t go in for an attacker eg Josh King. No need to drop Gomes yet. 17:16:10, Posted He has come on leaps and bounds this season. 08:38:58, Posted 18:07:08, Posted But let them have it. Let's hope Doucoure can burst beyond Gomes or Siggy into the box today and get one, like Gary Speed or Bryan Robson used to do. Gomes is okay when the pace of the game is slow and he has plenty of unpressurised time. In all the Pickford nonsense it almost seemed to be overlooked that we'll miss Richarlison for 3 games - such a dumb move - derbies are never good for us. Stay safe. It wouldn't surprise me either if they play to the gallery, rolling around in false agony, after any tough tackle, say from Allan, trying to get him sent off. LFC is the Tory party of football: I'd start Gomes, or Davies, a bit more pace. I would bench him in favour of Sigurdsson but I would put Tom in ahead of him too as we need to be combative in this one. I just love watching him hit those perfect Crossfield passes and pinpoint dead balls. Hugh, @167, deffo a massive game, at Soton,tomorrow, but if Everton, can win, for me, it will break the ice, and the seasons campaign, is a marathon, it would make Everton, as doing well, but loads of potential, to get better, and I think this squad can and will do better. 11:54:56, Posted In his place Iwobi - and Gordon to come on for him if we run out of ideas. In 4 (66.67%) matches played away team was total goals (team and opponent) Over 2.5 goals. Richarlison's absence is a big loss and it will force the manager into his first alteration to his forward line in the Premier League since the start of the season. We should have the better of them, Romeu and Diallo shouldn't be able to compete with Doucoure and Allan so here is where we need to push and dominate them. Tom Davies has been castigated for the same thing but Gomes seems to be running in readymix. Not an easy match but see if Ancelotti can sneak a win - clean sheet is obviously important if our goal threat is muted. Also you can check the statistics of possession, shots, corners, offsides, and many other applications. Don’t fancy this at all. Disgraceful.. time to take out the trash... Andy, Not sure exactly but it was around that era, under Bingham, Duncan McKenzie another player who entertained in abundance. 22:02:07, Posted Rioch was a good strong, powerful footballer. Any news on van Dijk? 24/10/2020 at If VVD never returns to football, it will be a small amount of karmic payback on that club. Remate parado bajo palos a rás de suelo. Going be tough to continue our strong start tomorrow - the way results have gone so far it would be brilliant if we win tomorrow. 18:23:55, Posted Sigurdsson came on for the last 20min's, last Saturday, did he even touch the ball? 24/10/2020 at 17:35:00, Posted Still here Tangled Up In Blue. 24/10/2020 at 14:25:08, Posted 23/10/2020 at Hey, does anyone know any good streaming sites?? I'm starting to think as well that Everton clocked that at half-time, and that maybe that horror tackle on their key player was no accident. Gonna be interesting with Godfrey. As long as we don't lose by 6 goals, we'll still be top. For the record, I am wholly sick of them." 25/10/2020 at 23/10/2020 at If you don't have anyone running forward, it becomes much more difficult for the creators to create. Neither of them stayed very long. 25/10/2020 at Hope you pull off a blinder Jordan, stop them scoring at all costs, well not quite. Final segunda parte, Southampton 2, Everton 0. Carlo, magnifico! Calls for Nkonkou are a bit fanciful. As Richarlison is not available I am looking forward to seeing how Iwobi plays should he be selected. 2020-10-25 Prediccione, H2H, Consejos de Apuestas y Previsión del Partido. That's the margins between nothing happening and being out for a season. They're right, we do. , It will be good news if James plays. In fact, I'd quite look forward to that. I hope he has got his lucky navy blue polo top safely guarded between games. I've always used front row sports but I haven't been able to get the last two games to stream. André Gomes's disappointing outing against Liverpool, a game in which he was substituted during the second half, might see him drop back to the bench to give Sigurdsson an opportunity to impress. 23/10/2020 at Final primera parte, Southampton 2, Everton 0. Nobody likes cheating, but it is one of the defence mechanisms flair players use. 23/10/2020 at Iwobi for Richarlison for me. Seamus Coleman is ruled out, however, as he deals with the hamstring problem that has forced him out of each of the last two Premier League games and with Jonjoe Kenny still not fully recovered from an ankle injury, it means that Ben Godfrey is in line to make his full debut at right back after coming on as a substitute in the derby. 23/10/2020 at He will be okay in games when Everton are controlling midfield but, against an effective high-pressing team, he will be a liability. 24/10/2020 at 24/10/2020 at 18:21:41, Posted I think he could be sensational but Carlo has turned sour on him. 01:18:43, Posted 08:47:25, Posted He frankly made them look silly. We are only acting to protect our players who we know are innocent, and it almost feels personal when a slur, which we know not to be the case, against our team, players, or Manager is aired on the Media. They played their part in a thrilling 3-3 draw at Chelsea last time out, with the threat posed by Danny Ings very much in evidence, but they showed their defensive frailties when they were drubbed 5-2 at St Mary's by Spurs last month. We will get a few sweet long passes in the game though. His reasoning "I have a feeling their good run will come to an end, without Richarlison it will be interesting to see Blah, blah". We can change it to "Pickford's gonna get ya!" Main thing is that Michael is up and running, as you say. 20:44:24, Posted 11:35:56, Posted He actually gets to the ball first and touches it away. Los últimos 7 partidos entre estos dos equipos tuvieron goles de ambos lados en el marcador. Murphy is another of these 3rd rate pundits the BBC seem to employ - most of whom trade on emotion and don’t understand the rules of the game. I am afraid this condition is clearly a mental disorder, akin to being dropped on one's head at birth, no known cure other than humiliation is known. 24/10/2020 at Maybe that’s true but we were short already, Stay safe. If history tells us anything, the Germans/Austrians are usually in the trenches opposite. Jerome, Derek. Maybe more importantly we'd also be two or three games clear of most of the usual top 4 contenders. Descubre las mejores casas de apuestas deportivas. 23:18:01, Posted :-). COYB. Okay, it's a German site but it has the best and most user-friendly tables and fixture look-up system I have ever seen online. 11:34:26, Posted 24/10/2020 at You play only for fun without deposits, awards. The first came in the 27th minute when he played a one-two with Ward-Prowse, who drove into the far-left corner from inside the area. 23/10/2020 at missing charlie is a big miss and if james plays we hope he isn't too affected but id play siggi who is looking sharp and iwobi who needs to be on his game. 10:36:47, Posted El entrenador del Everton contó detalles del arribo del volante colombiano: "El club tiene un gran proyecto y él quiere demostrar". Mike, I wish we could leave it at that. 06:59:42, Posted Mentality important, ruthless arrogance required. Result if not checked, an undeserved penalty, which could mean the difference between winning, losing or drawing. Having said that, I 'm sure and I trust Carlo to know and see more than we do, every day in training and for up and coming fixtures. (Have you received an apology yet? This game will be a battle all the way through. Ideally I’d like to see some shots also from the other midfielders, Hames, aside. This all appears to be one of the joys of being top of the League and unbeaten. Going off Carlo sounds like he is going to start with Iwobi, unless he is playing mind games. Get well soon James. I totally agree we are becoming as obsessed with this as the other lot, lets let it go and move on. I know Walcott's bad at finishing but he is more like for like for Richarlison and can draw defenders completely out of place which gives space for others to exploit. Calendario de Futbol Mexicano Apertura 2020 Guard1anes, Liga BBVA, Premier League, Calcio, Resultados, posiciones y estadisticas jornada a jornada 25/10/2020 at 24/10/2020 at De hecho, han anotado un total de 25 goles en sus siete últimos partidos generales, y están en una racha ganadora de tres partidos consecutivos como visitantes. See the biased BBC idiots have got av on top of league already,, un fecking believable,, they try every which way with there sly subliminal bullying,, ggrrr,, could crush a grape seriously lol,, come on you blues!!! If James plays, the odds are in their favour that Dominic Calvert-Lewin will get the service he needs to add to his goals tally for the season but the key at the other end will be keeping Ings quiet given that he has scored in four of his last five appearances against the Blues. 08:49:15, Posted I'm not suggesting to start with all three but include them at least on the bench. 23/10/2020 at Two-bit Liverpudlian Journalists are helping to create a lot of tension between the two sets of supporters, and obviously haven’t got much of a clue about top level managers, looking after their players. 17:52:44, Posted 09:07:17, Posted Many a time have I watched replays thinking the 'dirty bastard' only for the slow motion to actually reveal there was no contact at all, and the 'dirty bastard' was innocent after all! Yes, I’ve not been Darren’s greatest fan to be honest, but he was articulate and sensible on the subject, both qualities generally missing from the swivel eyed baying from the majority of so called commentators. 08:54:09, Posted I just hope that Carlo knows Gylfi's strengths and limitations and plays him as a 10 rather than in the centre of a line of four behind 2 strikers. 23:45:32, Posted Charles 149 - right on, I'm with you mate. Geoff @ 172, Bloody hell mate there's a trip down Memory Lane, Bruce Rioch, the Anglo Scot. 22:11:36, Posted After the lockdown, he had a serious loss of form which, at the time, was put down to personal issues. Cheating, unfortunately, is a huge part of the game of football. The Italian had indicated only yesterday that the Colombian was a major doubt for the clash with Southampton because of bruising from a knock sustained in the Merseyside derby from a "mis-timed tackle" from Virgil van Dijk but the news today has been more positive. Cheers :). 24/10/2020 at I've not been a fan in the past but Alex has shown plenty over his time in the game, enough this season, and at 24 he's still worth investing some time and effort in. 09:05:43, Posted Olalekan stay indoors and keep safe. Reuvy! 25/10/2020 at I find when I am trying to predict the team and the formation, as you say, Ancelotti is hard to predict. Consiga nuestros pronósticos y sigue el resultado de tus apuestas en directo del partido Wolverhampton vs. Everton de Premier League (Fútbol) el 12.07.2020. 14:30:44, Posted 18:01:54, Posted Everton are seen as a threat to the previous cosy narrative, being a big Club that could really upset the status quo. Below you will find a lot of statistics that make it easier Predict the result for a match between both teams. Update the premier league table. 23/10/2020 at We know that the media and managers will keep this going were it suits them, hopefully there will be a new talking point after the weekend. I seem to remember too that he held the record at the time for the hardest /fastest shot in British Football, that has probably been well surpassed now, plus the ball is totally different to what they played with then. 11:49:31, Posted Just seen the Southampton manager having a go at Pickford, saying he should be banned for the game. As much as he struggled last week look at the alternative - an even slower Gylfi playing out of position on the left of midfield ? 10:14:26, Posted By using the website you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. With an available Richarlison, Everton might have looked to exploit Ralph Hasenuttl's high line but without his ability to break away on the transition, they may need to take a more considered approach. In order to post a comment, you need to be logged in as a registered user of the site. Por otro lado, el Southampton no ha obtenido victorias en siete de sus últimos once enfrentamientos en general, y permanecieron así en ocho de sus últimos doce partidos en casa. 23/10/2020 at 23:08:20, Posted 25/10/2020 at Highlighting that he who casts the first stone is not without sin, might feel like point scoring to a want it both ways Liverpudlian? 12:32:02, Posted Godfrey at right back, Gordon to replace Richarlison and either Bernard or Sigurdsson to come in for James if need be. 25/10/2020 at I do not think, I know Everton are going to turn up today and tear them a new one. Derek, like yourself, my view is that there’s an unwritten etiquette, respect, to reserve opinion, on such matters, and let the football powers that be, manage the situation. It’s a physical game, you get hurt, stop being a load of mardarses you Red gobshites!! 12:05:17, Posted 16:23:35, Posted 09:47:07, Posted 25/10/2020 at Yep. Just like the media does not report obvious corruption in other activities. Teams Southampton Everton played so far 30 matches. Seen The Blades, get unlucky at our old ground, tonight, if we take our chances, we make and no, soft freebies,tomorrow, I reckon, it’s the stake in the ground, for a strong campaign for Everton, this season. 25/10/2020 at 23/10/2020 at Should James not be able to start, however, Ancelotti will definitely be presented with more changes than he would have liked and, in that event, a player of Bernard's technical ability might make sense as long as there is robust midfield support from Abdoulaye Doucouré and Allan. 25/10/2020 at It’s situation’s similar to this current one where it could really hurt, I didn’t rate Moise Kean but it’s as if the management has said literally no one is better than Kean. 24/10/2020 at :-). And just to make it even better Godfrey is a big unit playing at right back even if he is playing out of position.