The G7 has a Quad HD (QHD) 2560×1440 display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a wide colour gamut thanks to its HDR600 panel. - When the screen as shown in the following figure is displayed, select Yes. Not cause of price, but because you will think more negatively about it compared to someone who will "actually" constantly use it. Con una risoluzione DQHD in formato 49 pollici è come avere a disposizione due ampi monitor QHD affiancati, con immagini incredibilmente nitide e dettagliate. With advanced motion-blur reduction, this curved monitor has a super-fast 1ms MPRT (motion picture response time) for amazing gaming performance without motion blur across the entire screen. - The inputs for video signals will scrunch your cables up quite a bit, as there isn't much room in the rear port alcove for the cables to curve their way out. The ultra-wide 49-inch screen with its innovative 32:9 aspect ratio means you always get to see game scenes in their entirety, exactly as their developers intended. La compatibilità G-Sync garantisce la sincronizzazione tra GPU e pannello, riducendo l’effetto mosso, ritardi e immagini tagliate che diventano solo un lontano ricordo. - Come on, this thing is a toy. - Unless you're seriously into simulation racing / driving / flying games, or really need to multitask with many windows up at once, I'd go with a larger 21:9, or stick with multi-monitor setup, instead. High-Brightness/Custom/FPS/RTS/RPG/sRGB/AOS/Cinema/Dynamic contrast. 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Confronta i Gaming Monitor Samsung e scopri la tecnologia QLED con HDR1000 e una frequenza di aggiornamento da 240hz, per un gameplay fluido e scene impeccabili. It's nice having the USB ports on the back of the monitor however if you're planning to constantly plug and unplug USB cables it's kind of hard to get to them if your monitor is up against a wall. Seems too good to be true with the specifications, but it meets every itch a gamer/multi-tasker/experiencer loves. Works ... kinda ... But if you were to want to buy a stand to put the monitor on it would need to be at least 15 inches long. Selezionando questa casella, accetto gli aggiornamenti ai servizi Samsung, compresi: {{item.optionOriPrice}} {{item.optionSavePrice}}. The base of the monitor sticks out a bit, not a huge issue as they are at an obtuse angle (120+ degrees?). Ai Control. Siamo spiacenti, la merce nel tuo carrello non è sufficiente. Pros: 1. This isn't a con necessarily but something to be careful with. Caratteristiche e specifiche sono soggette a modifiche senza preavviso. - Wall mounting gear is great, Cons: - Heavy (a lot of glass) so make sure your standing desk can hold the weight. Great price! Get ready for wide black bars on either side. With Quantum Dot technology, Samsung’s QLED Gaming Monitor provides an extreme upgrade in your gaming experience. Samsung has also announced that it has partnered with global esports organisation T1 Entertainment and Sports as its official display partner. 6. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. * Condotto secondo gli standard di prova Samsung; può variare in condizioni di utilizzo reali. Keep the box to put it back into when moving it. It’ll come eventually. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like to hear from Microsoft and its family of companies about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. We are a collective bunch of geeks who love to share our passion with the rest of the world. The fast 144Hz screen refresh rate ensures silky-smooth action scenes, even in games with high frame rates. The 20-step Black Equalizer adjusts any game scene to the brightness level you want, letting you spot enemies hiding in even the darkest areas of the screen. * Lo sconto effettivo potrebbe variare rispetto alla cifra stimata. The fast 144Hz screen refresh rate ensures you flawlessly smooth action scenes even in games with high frame rates. 4. That's the primary reason I bought this ridiculous beast. And a fast 144Hz screen refresh rate delivers flawlessly smooth gameplay when the action heats up. Thanks to Quantum dot technology, the expansive CHG90 gaming monitor brings your games to breathtaking life by delivering a billion shades of accurate color. You have "Two" screens at your disposal. Overall Review: I went from 3 144hz monitors to this amazing monitor and 1 of my old 144hz monitors. Aside from that, the G9 gaming monitor also features Quantum Dot technology combined with an HDR1000 panel for vivid colours and high visual fidelity. High Dynamic Range (HDR) makes dark areas darker and bright ones even brighter. Sorry – the service is unavailable. Now you get innovative smartphone with right tariff plan. Der Anschlusspreis und monatlicher Tarifpreis werden vom jeweiligen Netzanbieter eingezogen. Confermando l'email inserita qui sopra aderisci ai Termini e Condizioni e Privacy Policy. If my GPU's were newer I'd get DP version 1.4, and the 144hz from this monitor. Grazie. The length from the back to the point where it splits is 9 inches. The box is huge as well, obviously. L’apice dei #gameroomgoals. - Honestly, I would not buy this again. If an ultra-wide 49-inch laptop might seem a little too much for you, there is also the G7 which has the same quick response time and refresh rate, deep curved display, and overall performance of the G9. La rapidità è tale che l’azione prende vita nell’instante stesso in cui il monitor viene acceso, praticamente senza ritardi tra la periferica e il gioco. Pros: I am a photographer and using this monitor has been super helpful in my work flow. E con il software Easy Setting Box puoi posizionare le finestre aperte ovunque tu voglia. Are you looking for Microsoft Store in: United States - English? HDR10+ invece ottimizza luminosità e contrasto, per scenari di gioco riprodotti esattamente secondo le intenzioni degli sviluppatori. Other features include AMD FreeSync 2 support, 144Hz refresh rate, eye-saver mode, height adjustable, ensuring best possible gaming experience. I use two Asus R9 Fury Strix (Crossfire). Please copy-paste this link into your browser: Promotional Communications Manager 1. And you can adjust the refresh rate to 60Hz/120Hz when necessary. Yup! Pros: Superwide and curved. 2. Riproduzione delle immagini impeccabile. The Odyssey gaming monitors feature Samsung’s 2020 flagship QLED gaming monitor, the 49-inch G9 and the G7 which comes in 32-inch and 27-inch variants. Developed in concert with the Samsung Galaxy Team, the semi-final winners of the LOL World Championship 2016, the CHG90’s factory-calibrated game display modes instantly optimize black gamma levels, contrast ratios, sharpness and color value settings for any game genre, be it FPS, RTS, RPG, or AOS. - Consistently needs HDMI Mode to be reset (with the requisite 10 second wait). It may not be pure 4k, but for this price and curved/49"/144hz/1ms its a steal, very grateful for all the people involved in the development, manufacturing,. * L’input lag sopra menzionato è basato su una serie di test effettuati utilizzando dispositivi di input ad alta precisione per misurare il tempo all’esecuzione dei comandi sullo schermo. ※ Cover until canceled. - As much as it is capable of combining two video sources, when you do a LOT of features disappear (like refresh rates, for example). 2. Overall Review: 1. I thought I was having displayport problems, but it seems HDR isn't a perfect science yet... Everything works great in games and movies, but Windows desktop is washed out. The CHG90’s audio-aligned Arena Lighting, located at the back of the monitor, adds to the thrill of gaming, getting brighter as the game’s sound grows louder, elevating moments of high intensity. Make informed decisions with expert advice. Samsung Odissey Gaming Monitor QLED Produttore Samsung serie C49RG90 colore Nero Dimensioni prodotto 34.97 x 119.95 x 52.31 cm; 14.6 Kg Numero modello articolo LC49RG90SSUXEN Dimensione schermo 49 Pollici Risoluzione 5120 x 1440 Numero di porte HDMI 1 Wattaggio 100 watt Le batterie sono incluse No Peso articolo 14.6 kg {{usEppData.saveText}} {{usEppData.saveText}} {{usEppData.title}}, {{}} I didn't think it would look this great, but it does :) Add to cart. The base/stand also takes up a lot of usable desk space. Samsung is committed to providing the best possible product experience, quality, and value, and we are always here to help with any of your questions or concerns. Germaine is a fun-sized introvert who loves nothing better than sleeping in on rainy days. Unfortunately, we found no Microsoft Store locations within 100 miles, but we can always send items to you. If you game, multi-task, or like running two monitors on one monitor (AIO solution) constantly, then it is worth it. Trova le specifiche complete e il prezzo qui. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events and more from Microsoft Store. Financing program is available with device purchasing. El monitor curvo QLED GAMING de 49" de Samsung y su pantalla ultra ancha con su relación de aspecto innovadora significa que siempre puedes ver escenas de juegos en su totalidad, exactamente como pretendían sus desarrolladores. Partition the screen or display multiple screens of different sizes with just a click using the Easy Setting Box. The power consumption on stand by mode is less than 0.3 watts and the wall mount size is 100 x 100 mm {{}}, {{}}, {{}}. Sei sicuro di voler rimuovere dal carrello il prodotto selezionato? Cons: Takes a bit of adjustment to get used to the curve. - Even though this has the best curvature currently out there, 1800R, it's *still* not angled enough for its size, honestly. - As this is the only 32:9 monitor currently made, I wonder about support for games in the future. Choose your new Samsung device and tell us about your old one. Overall Review: This is a very large monitor and it's very cool. And on the flip, as a gamer, it's amazing to have such a wide field of view. 9. Pros: This product is honestly the greatest purchase I have made in a long time, like before GPUs were so dang expensive kind of great.