Mortal Kombat XL All X-Rays on Maskless Klassic Mileena by Aridium. U need to get gold and beat the premium tower with kitana. For farmer max complete the third bracket of fights on the mobile app. I also survived 20 Rounds with Mileena in the Endless tower and it didn’t unlock the Kahnum Outfit neither. Mileena's sais dominate this variation, allowing her to use a low projectile and a plethora of other sai-centric attacks desgined to pressure the opponent. Reptile- Kraken Also I am in Brotherhood of Shadow and I am rank 37 and I never unlocked Dark Empress Kitana so I tried the Premier Tower and I finished with gold and still didn’t get her. You can even extend it a second time with Back Ride (Down, Down+2 during the Dislocate animation).Mileena has a similar attack with High Pounce (Down, Back+3), but it's not a throw like Low Pounce. The lassie kitana via mobile app is only console to mobile meaning you complete the competitive ladder on your console and get klaus six kitana on your phone or tablet. The in-game move list shows this as Forward, Forward+1, but it's accounting for the change in direction that occurs during the initial throw. Any help would be much appreciated. High Roller - Mileena curls up into a ball and smashes into her opponent's legs, destroying their shins as a result. She then begins to consume her victim's face, throwing it to the ground and walking away when finished. I didn’t level up my Faction, perform a certain number of Special Moves or anything. Do make sure that they are different hours, and you get gold ratings. It's a mid attack followed by a quick low attack. Sonya Blade- Tournament(DLC), Motherland(DLC) To unlock revenant jax go to kustom kombat and play 15 games with only getting flawless victories over and over (you may use another controller for this). Face Feast (CLOSE) - Mileena skewers her opponent's head with both sais and forcefully decapitates them using a kick to the stomach as leverage. Johnny Cage- Hotshot I got mileenas alternate costume from making it to round 20 in endless with mileena, I lost on round 20 (pure bs) but was happy when I was awarded the costume. Kahnum Mileena: Complete 20 rounds in the “ENDLESS” tower, I spent literally 2 hours on that stupid “Survivor” tower to find out I was doing the wrong tower smh. i just got to level 50 on Brotherhood faction and only unlocked the faction fatality. She gains the ability to dissappear for extended periods of time as well as the ability to teleport, allowing her to adjust her position in order to facillitate longer, more damaging combos. Technically it is online, I did koth survival 60 times still no kung lao. Dexdude is right Sonya blade tournament is -7, 25 in acid falls, I got gold on a living tower and didn’t get revenant kitana. Wut deh fuh, you have to beat the towers a couple of times. Yes, I got Wrathful Shinnok the same way. Sonya Blade- Tournament (NOT DLC, don’t know where the hell he got that. Here is the video for reference, please respond with some confirmations if possible. Does anyone know how to unlock Sonya Blade’s “Major Blade” costume? It is the best and most accurate compilation of MK X skins information on the internet right now, and best laid out appearance. She is a series regular and fan favourite who debuted in 1993's Mortal Kombat II. 2. i got the Klassic sub zero skin and i was wondering how i managed to do that and is there a way to do it for scorpion and reptile? For tournament costumes you have two choices buy in the krypton or complete klaus sic tower with the character the costume is meant for, there are a few exceptions, completing tower with sub zero gives you his Kuai Liang skin. I’ve just unlocked Revenant Liu Kang by playing 60 matches online. Keep it up! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. the skin was available for free its apart of the new dlc. There are also reports of people unlocking her without getting gold. )To unlock dark empress just play as Kitana on the hourly living tower over and over (while getting a gold rating, also im not sure how many times but its less than 10). )To unlock hotshot johnny cage win 10 survivor games. I don’t think this is quite right, I got this costume half way through levelling up white lotus, I think it,s something to do with a challenge tower. The enhanced version adds a few hits for additional damage.Ball RollNotation: Back, Down+4Enhanced: Yes, with armor.Mileena's Ball Roll hits mid (even though it looks low), which means it can be blocked standing or crouching. I got dark empress kitanna by geting bronze on an hourly living tower. 4. For example, Mileena's Vicious combo (1,2,3) is safe if the opponent blocks. However, throws can still hit her. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O. Jax- Farmer(beat the battle mode crap on their mobile game) ***************************************************Revenant kitana: give 250 Respect points in king of the hill to ohter players! That Kintaro Goro, is it true? Because Let Us Dance starts with what is essentially a Tele-Kick, it also works well as an anti-air attack in place of a Tele-Kick. Mortal Kombat XL . Kintaro Goro is false. Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content, Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Black Friday Video Game Deals Are Live Now, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. No, you did not, because it is impossible to do so. For Dark Empress Kitana I’m not exactly sure but….. Kustom Kombat (1% health modifier). Lol. 6.) Got Dark Emporess from completing story mode. 7. In Mortal Kombat X, Mileena wears much more conservative clothing than in all her 3D appearances thus far. Kitana- Revenant, Klassic Mortal Kombat X. Mileena has several great ways to stop opponents from jumping toward her, and she even has a few overhead/low mix-ups as well. I was playin, giving and receiving respect and then i got Revenant Kitana and Revenant Kung Lao. I unlocked Kahnum Mileena by reaching 18 rounds in endless with Mileena but my friend got ot at 16 rounds with Jax.Also i got Dark Emperor Liu by playing (i think) 10 challenge towers and beating them all with Cassie.At last i played with goro on the premium and didnt unlock dark empress.Does anyone know how to unlock her and revenant Kitana and Liu? To get the full combo, input the first two notations (Back+3,4) at normal speed, then quickly press the last two attacks (3,4). If it's blocked Mileena can be punished easily so be careful when you use this. I allso did “Get gold on a living tower” multiple times. So damn happy!!! This works best if the opponent is too close to react with a Tele-Kick, but not close enough for a cross-up jump. Download Mortal Kombat X PC DLC Mod Cyber Liu Kang free Read … Especially locking an awesome costume like injustice Scorpion. I only played through 3 rounds of Test Your Might and got Revenant Sub-Zero. Tournament Mileena: Bought in the Krypt (540 Koins), in the Cemetery Grounds area (-18, 9), OR by beating the Klassic Tower with her. i call bullshit on that liu kang revenant skin being unlocked by beating 8 back to back challenge towers… i did 10 and got nothing. then I got Dark Empress. Ok so I got it from getting gold on a daily tower with Katana, however I must note I previously tried beating a premium tower as goro (not sure if I got gold), I then tried getting gold on 3 different hourly towers with katana, then tried getting gold on a premium tower with katana, and then I tried the daily tower and got it. As Señor Editor, he produces words (and stuff) for Gosunoob. This attack can be blocked standing or crouching, but it still has extensions similar to Low Pounce. Dark Empress Kitana: Completed premium tower on gold but nothing happened, Play as kitana on the hourly living tower twice, each at a different hour and get gold on both. I really hope it’s true. If it hits you can extend the throw with Dislocate (Back, Back+1 during the attack animation). Would someone please reply with detailed instructions please. (Dark Empress Kitana). that alleged skin is a troll, I GOT EMPRESS KINTINA BY GETTING SILVER SO MAY NOT NEED GOLD, In that case rating prolly doesn’t matter at all. I got it all I did was fight her when she popped up instantly unlocked. Dylan is flawlessly correct, everyone. Fun Ride (ETHEREAL) - Mileena orcefully dunks her opponent into the ground and decapitates them in the process. 5. If this combo is blocked only the first two attacks will execute, but when used as an anti-air attack it should hit every time. I’ve seen other lists and this one is definitely the most helpful and accurate so that’s just a tip to keep it that way. The best of the bunch is the Knee Stab combo (Back+2,1) which is very similar to the Knee Slapper combo from her other two variations. 11-02-2016, 21:24. it’s after getting 14 wins not 30, this author of the page is just an idiot.. To get the empress, you have to beat the premium tower daddy’s little girl, or any MAYBE, as i got it from the daddys little girl tower. Just got dark empress kitana by beating the daddy’s girl hourly tower. for someone who like to unlock all content, this is frustrating. Published May 7, 2015, 8:21 p.m. The flip hits as an overhead attack, which can throw some opponents off if you don't use it too often. If the low is blocked Mileena cannot be punished, but if it hits you can extend the combo into Sadistic Ways (Back+2,1,2+4). After your opponent blocks a safe combo you can end it with a Fade and then potentially punish them if they try to attack again. Just keep playing the tower. Klassic Mileena: Unlocked using the Mortal Kombat X mobile app. If this attack is blocked Mileena can be punished, but you have a decent amount of time to see if the first two hits connect before inputting the final command, if you have good reactions. This should be used in a similar manner to the Sai Blast for zoning purposes from across the screen. Just finished klassic with Goro on hard and got gold. There are a few different versions of this based on where you want to teleport. I have no idea how I unlocked revenant Kitana (sorry I wasnt paying attention when I unlocked her) I survived 20 rounds of endless tower with mileena to unlock her alternate skin but I never got it, can someone help me? Any idea of how or when we’ll be getting those? It’s 10 consecutive war towers (on the factions menu) it works, I got it. Ferra/Torr (Lackey) - 5.9 Worst Match. I know some are upcoming DLC but I’d appreciate an explanation for those that aren’t. Also, competative towers are not a thing yet. Kung Lao- Revenant You NEED a gold goal completion in a living tower. I got Johnny cage card to 40. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Combat Explained, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China Launch Trailer Released. That does make sense I beat 3 hourlys, 1 premium, and then 1 daily and got it finally (all gold ratings, all kitana). Her lips lend her a human-like appearance, but her mouth is still lined with large, sharp teeth. I can confirm that Hotshot Johnny is unlocked by winning Survivor 10 times WITHOUT losing. Thanks a bunch to the admin and all who have contributed , Ermac- Pharoah(DLC) Here’s a list of the ones that are currently locked for me. While the Somersault Kick is fairly slow, it can still catch opponents from time to time. I beat Living Tower and got a Gold Rank but I did not get revenant kitana can someone help me ( I don’t have the costume before I did it ). it gives no unlock window, but u can choose kitans revenant skin! Kahnum Mileena: Unlocked by surviving 20 rounds in the Endless Tower with Mileena. ►►LEIA A DESCRIÇÃO DO VÍDEO◄◄X1 no Mortal Kombat XL, dessa vez uma das lutas mais pedidas: Kitana VS Mileena.Obrigado por assistir esse vídeo, seu apoio ajuda muito o canal. Any one know when mobile multiplayer ladders will be released?? I really hope it unlocks “Revenant Luisa Kangaroo”. Sorry but I did that didn’t work, two different hours gold on both. Jason- Jason In addition, you can use the High Heel (Up+3) as an anti-air attack when your opponent tries to use a cross-up jump attack. In fact, you can just use the Knee Slapper combo (2,1) which is the first two hits of the Overhead Heel combo, then cancel into a special move if you're confident it will connect.The Rider combo (Back+2,2,1+3) is not safe if the opponent blocks, but works well as a way to end juggle combos with a decent amount of damage. Published May 7, 2015, 8:21 p.m. about Mortal Kombat X. by Bryan Dawson. 3. You also have plenty of time to see if the Half Blood combo hits and cancel into the Ball Roll after the last hit.The Heel Stomp combo (Forward+1,2, Back+4) is a good combo to use with or without the overhead/low mix-up at the end. Tasty Treat (CLOSE) - Mileena pushes her opponent to the ground, leaps into the air and straddles them. Or does it mean any tower? For some reason, the books will come up before the app, just look under the app section, and it will be there. Jax- Farmer I was able to unlock the dark empress kitana by getting gold on a daily tower and I got the mileena costume from beating 20 rounds in the endless tower with shinnok. Related News: 11-02-2016, 22:55. Ermac- Pharoah i beat all the contestants with kitana except for the last match I beat using Goro…and I got bronze rating which mite b a factor!! Mortal Kombat X - How to Play Mileena: Combos and Strategies Add extensions to Mileena's attacks in her Ravenous variation, teleport in the Ethereal variant or slice and dice with Piercing! Mileena is a playable character in Mortal Kombat X, initially showcased in its Story Trailer. To unlock rev kitana u just need to play with sub zero at 10 or 8 tower and beat her when suddenly appears. Pictures would be nice, but I can bet it’s fake. Dylan got more than one wrong, just so you know. Anything that forces an opponent to play differently is an advantage for you. Early Lunch (RAVENOUS) - Mileena leaps at her opponent and feasts on their neck until she rips their throat out. Got 2 Gold ratings a piece on Daily, Hourly, and Premier Living Tower all with Kitana (except for Premier:Goro) *******************************************************************, You guys I confirm just getting Dark Empress Kitana by completing a Hourly Tower getting a GOLD score playing as her, Tournament Sonya is in the Krypt(forgot the exact area i believe spider cave) or you can beat traditional tower like all tournament skins, The skin is in the area where you get Kenshi’s sword. Thank you. Mileena's crouching stance can duck under most other projectiles as well, which makes it very useful against opponents trying to zone with projectile attacks. It doesn’t matter what character. Samurai Pack (Samurai Shinnok, Ronin Kenshi, and Jingu Kitana) It's a risky mix-up, but if the overhead connects you can follow with a full combo for big damage. 9:47. I was trying to get the Kahnum Mileena costume which says “beat 20 rounds of the endless tower” and I lost at my 17th round against Reptile so I was pretty bummed but then it said I unlocked the outfit anyway so I think the posted trigger is wrong. Maybe you just need to beat all three towers once with her, not sure. or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. I did get it by beating a daily tower ok gold, by then I already got gold on 3 hourlys and a premium all with katana. TO UNLOCK DARK EMEROR LIU KANG U NEED TO PLAY CHALLENGE TOWER REPEATEDLY, i heard to unlock revenant liuk ang u needto win 20 online ranked matches, i unlocked dark emperor liu kang by hitting the challenge tower repeatedly….so is legit..a friend unlocked revenant liu kang by constantly playing ranked matches…he had streaks but dont that matters just win a certain amount since he unlocked it during a non streak time…he was at around 20…im on my way to testing this as i rarely hit the online as much, hotshot johnny cage is glitched out…u get it by completing story but its so not unlocking until a patch comes. Liu Kang- Revenant(Still havent unlocked it so IDK sorry), ??? Vampiress Mileena: DLC, not out yet. Your email address will not be published. Yeah, if it’s anything like my experience, I bet you were screaming like a mad person. I have the same confusion with king of the hill, is that survivor, if so why not call it that, To get revenant kitana, you give 250 respect on King of the hill. Hey, would someone help me? Oh. Mileena is a clone of Kitana, created by Shang Tsung's sorcery in his flesh pits for Shao Kahn, using Tarkatan blood, and Edenian physiology. From the direction Mileena is facing when you first use High Pounce, you press Back, Back+4 for the Double Kick extension.Low Pounce is not safe if the opponent isn't crouching, but as a low throw it can catch crouching opponents off-guard and should be used throughout a match. Mileena can be punished if the overhead is blocked, so use the low option more often than not. Mileena has several great ways to stop opponents from jumping toward her, and she even has a few overhead/low mix-ups as … I’m still trying to get rev liu kang I’ve done 10 war towers 10 challenge towers got my special moves level up too 10 next I’m gonna work on fatality level up to 10 I got the dark one unlocked doin the challenge towers but revenant is givin me a hard time, For kitanas Empress costume u need to complete 10 towers* not w.e is said up there ^ I got gold everytime I did it but I don’t think u need it. Predator and Prey Pack (Infared Scorpion, Commando Johnny, and Carl Weathers as Dillon) While it's technically not safe if the opponent blocks it, most characters have difficulty punishing Mileena due to the distance left between the characters after the X-Ray is blocked. I did it with my dad. Not sure if you need to just get gold on each or what. sorry for the ignorance. Klassic Pack #2 (Klassic Jax, Klassic Kung Lao, and Klassic Quan Chi). So, alot of you are saying we unlock it by giving 250 respect points and i did that. Thanks so much man! Scorpion- Kold War(Throw money at the collecters edition), Injustice(Complete 100 multiplayer ladders in the terrible mobile game, this is not a thing yet so you cant get it yet), Gold Scorpion(Throw money at the collecters edition) Her fondest wish is to kill her \"sister\", and claim her existence for her own. Also, when I play the premier tower, for some reason, I only get Scorpion. Instead of using the low attack you can instead mix in the Flip 'n' Roll (Back, Down+4+Block) overhead attack. No the nomal shinnok is i have wrathful but not regular shinnok. Well maybe the unlocks are different on each platform? i did the 15 flawless in k.k for jax but didnt get it Soooooo…, OK so to get 15 flawless with the two player kustom match is not enough we got it by putting on 4 danger modifiers (so 2 dangers on each side) then after that it doesn’t matter which characters you use, you just have to win the rounds flawless (so don’t attack when you have played the match 14 times just have player 2 stand there. There is a mirror match where he has a cape but this is not the way you unlock it, if that’s even possible…and it’s a big headache so some people must be trolling. I’m not getting revenant kitana someone please help . No one actually knows how to unlock Dark Empress Kitana. Mileena- Vampiress, Klassic If you … Or 10 wins Johnny? While she's invisible most basic attacks and special moves will go right through her as if she wasn't there. All I did was play all 3 living towers everyday You have to die after round 20 in order to get the Mileena costume in the endless tower. Reptile- Kraken(DLC) I guarantee you will unlock dark emperor Liu Kang if you spam run about 10 or so random challenge towers, saw a thread with multiple people claiming that is how they got it, tried for myself and unlocked it this morning. Tele-Splat - Mileena kicks her opponent using her Teleport Drop and obliterates their head. It has been a long time on kustom kombat repeating moves. (Dark Emperor) So id guess you have to do ranked matches unfortunately. Maybe the scorpions cold war costume? Revenant Kitana you must give 250 points on King of The Hill, you dont need to play, just give points, enter in a room and stay AFK mode, the skin dont appear on screem, you must go on kollection or search for her on pratice mode or something…. Keep in mind, the Low Sai is not safe if the opponent blocks, but it still forces a mix-up that can end in your favor. She gains several basic attacks and combos that utilize her sai weapons. Unless I’m doing something wrong? I completely agree. If you're a bit late with the first attack it may trade with the opponent's attack which would cause the combo to stop.Piercing VariantThe Piercing variation allows Mileena to use her sai weapons more often. Complete 100 multiplayer ladders in mobile. In addition, you can't cancel most of them into special moves in order to extend the combos. Hope it helps c: You need to get to twenty and lose on the twentieth match. Mortal Kombat X - alle verstecken Fatalities und Brutalities im Guide: Die geheimen Finishing Moves führt ihr ein Mal aus, um sie dann permanent freizuschalten. Chris is super right. 11-02-2016, 19:58. I guess its hard and I havnt gotten the skin yet it’s hard to beat anybody with advise please tell meh, Your email address will not be published. In addition, while Mileena has good enhanced special moves, she isn't as meter-reliant as most other characters. Ketchua has been writing about games for far too long. You get dark empress kitana by beating Living towers 2 with atleast a score of 50,000, Its really easy to get dark empress kitana I did not unlock klassic kitana on Xbox. Instead you had to have awarded a total of 100 Respect points to various players in King of the Hill. The Overhead Heel is especially nice because it ends with an overhead attack that can potentially throw off your opponent. Sorry but how do you unlock the costumes via the mobile app? go into faction wars and do the 1v1 ladder it works. Kitana- Revenant(gold on a living tower), Klassic(In the garbage mobile game, win a competitive tower. She is a series regular and fan favourite who debuted in 1993's Mortal Kombat II. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. If you have meter to burn you can press Block when it hits to bounce the opponent off the ground and follow with a juggle combo.The Pounding Heel combo (Back+3,4,3,4) also works as an anti-air attack. I’ll fix it up the best I can. I’m playing on PC through steam, and Dylan’s above comment is exactly how i unlocked DE Kitana. Scorpion- Kold War, Injustice, Gold Scorpion Mileena's common moves include her double sai projectiles (while grounded and in mid-air), teleportation, cartwheels and ball rolls. Download Mortal Kombat X PC DLC Mod Ninja Jax free Read more. Cancel the second hit into Flip 'n' Roll instead to force the opponent to guess how they should block. It also hits low which means your opponent has to block it crouching.Ethereal VariantThe Ethereal variation gives Mileena the ability to throw her sai and then teleport to its location. Got 15 survival wins and Hotshot Johnny still didn’t unlock. So does anyone have clear knowledge of how you unlock it and not just a troll or anything like that? Fade (Down, Down+2) leaves Mileena in the same place she started, Fade Towards (Back, Forward+2) teleports Mileena half a screen forward and Fade Away (Forward, Back+2) moves her half a screen back.If you cancel a blocked combo into one of the Fades, it's difficult for most characters to interrupt the teleport. Mileena (Ethereal)'s Mortal Kombat XL tier match ups. Anyone know how to get revenant kitana, I beat the living towers all on gold. Johnny Cage- Hotshot(Win 10 survival games) Go into towers>Tower challenges>New tower challenge. To get Revenant Kitana just play King of the Hill. You have to play king of the hill, and you have to keep giving 10’s, Tournament Sonya blade isn’t in the spider hive, its in acid falls -7, 25 (timed chest) 92koin, Confirmed 100% for revenant liu kang is 25 ranked wins. Mileena (Piercing) - 4.6 Vote for tiers. Like 10 wins with anyone? However, if an opponent anticipates Mileena will teleport she can be punished as soon as she appears.You can hold 2 when you execute any of the Fades to delay Mileena's reappearance. Currently trying to unlock Rev Lao and Rev Kitana. I played AS Liu Kang doing challenge towers for hours. Dark Emperor(play 10 “tower challenges” towers) Just unlocked tournament scorpion skin. Sub-Zero- Tundra(DLC), DLC PACKS The second hit of the Overhead Heel combo is a low attack which can also be useful. Oh, and to the admin, I think you should do the character viewer thing and complete the list even if you don’t know how to get it. In Mileena's Piercing variation you can end this combo with a Low Sai instead as a mix-up. High Pounce is safe against most characters and can be used to end combos as well.Sample CombosUniversal37 percent - Forward+3,4,3, Tele-Kick, Air Sai Blast, Forward+2, Ball Roll, Forward+1,4, Sai BlastPiercing41 percent - Forward+3,4,3, Tele-Kick, Air Sai Blast, Forward+2, Ball Roll, Back+2,1,2+4Ravenous36 percent - 1,2,3, Ball Roll, Back+3, Tele-Kick, Air Sai Blast, Forward+2,3, Ball Roll, High Pounce, StabFatalitiesFace Feast - Down, Back, Down, Back, 3 (Close)Tasty Treat - Forward, Back, Forward, Back, 2 (Close)BrutalitiesHigh Roller - Hit the opponent with at least five Ball Roll attacks (Back, Down+4), then kill the opponent with a Ball Roll or Flip 'n' Roll (Back, Down+4+Block).Tele-Splat - Kill the opponent with a Tele-Kick (Down, Down+3) or Tele-Drop (Down, Down+3+Block), and hold Up during the attack animation.Early Lunch - In the Ravenous variation, kill the opponent with the Quick Taste combo (Back+1,2,1+3, Up, Up+2 and hold up throughout the animation).For more information on Mortal Kombat X, head over to Prima's free guide or directly to tips for Kitana or D'Vorah. Mileena Mortal Kombat XL moves Overview Popularity: Ravenous - 15th , Piercing - 6th , Ethereal - 57th She gains access to a slew of acrobatic command throws and maintains the ability to leapfrog over her opponent, introducing an element of area control. I did it in this exact process: beat a premium tower with goro (sorry wasn’t paying attention to rating) then beat 3 different hourly towers with katana (gold on all), then beat premium tower with katana (gold), then tried a daily with katana (gold) that’s when I got it. Anyone knows about baraka or cabal playing in mortal kombat x? Finishers List Krypt Guide Play as Triborg (Cyber Sub-Zero variation) At the character selection screen, choose Triborg. Or does refer to Challenge Towers that you can only get from friends? I havnt been awarded it. Great reply! It seems to be something to do with Living Towers, so just keep doing them over and over, and eventually, it will unlock. I want to say i got it through story completion. The Mobile game is actually pretty cool. She has several combos that end with a low attack. “Good job”. I just got it by hanging in a KOTH lobby on “AFK mode” constantly giving people 10 respect per match. I’m not sure, but i had it unlocked after i finished story mode. Admin, please keep this up to date to the best of your abilities.