The black line is the percentage chance that a given day is within the growing season. It takes place in mid-October and lasts for 12 days. The wetter season lasts 7.3 months, from April 30 to December 8, with a greater than 35% chance of a given day being a wet day. De los 60 aislamientos de carambola, 3 provenientes de Costa Rica fueron C. acutatum (primer informe) y el resto fueron C. gloeosporioides. All data relating to the Sun's position (e.g., sunrise and sunset) are computed using astronomical formulas from the book, Astronomical Algorithms 2nd Edition , by Jean Meeus. All other weather data, including cloud cover, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and solar flux, come from NASA's MERRA-2 Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis . Within 50 miles contains very significant variations in elevation (12,474 feet). The sloths can sometimes be seen climbing the palm trees in town! Prices shown on this page are estimated lowest prices only. The brightest day of the year is March 23, with an average of 6.7 kWh. Average Weather in Limón Costa Rica. The figure below presents a compact representation of key lunar data for 2020. The indigenous as well as black populations still inhabit this part of Costa Rica. Read our blog and find out how you can go about it! Between 1867 and 1890, Costa Ricans, Chinese and Jamaicans worked together to build a railroad that connected the San Jose and surrounding areas – home of the … For the purposes of this report, the geographical coordinates of Limón are 9.991 deg latitude, -83.036 deg longitude, and 95 ft elevation. Cerro Chirripó, after which the park is named, stands proudly at 3,820 metres. Guápiles is the first major town you hit when you travel from San Jose to Puerto Limon. The calmer time of year lasts for 6.1 months, from May 7 to November 12. La province de Limón - Costa Rica Le nom de Limón (citron) viendrait d’un citronnier qui était planté en face du bureau du gouverneur de la région, seul arbre de cette espèce. The smallest chance of a wet day is 11% on March 15. The percentage of time spent in each cloud cover band, categorized by the percentage of the sky covered by clouds. The vibrant and culturally eclectic capital of Limon is a must visit. The vast majority of hotels and cabins are small and formed of traditional bungalows, a unique type of construction of the caribbean. Airlines flying to Limon are listed here. Visit nearby towns: The nearby town of Puerto Viejo is a great locations for those who love the laid-back Tico lifestyle as well as a good party. En outre, vous pourrez louer une bicyclette et parcourir la nature qui entoure le village en faisant du sport, mouiller vos pieds dans ses rivières et vous salir de boue dans ses chemins de terre. Swing Criollo Chocolate Alajuela, cierre de "Mi vida es bailar 4° Limón" - Duration: 3:25 . For each hour between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM of each day in the analysis period (1980 to 2016), independent scores are computed for perceived temperature, cloud cover, and total precipitation. Oe of the most interesting hotels in Limon is the Tree House Lodge. To many it influenced the new way of life the Costa Rica’s Caribbean is now known for. Based on the beach/pool score, the best time of year to visit Limón for hot-weather activities is from mid December to late March. La route qui mène à Limón depuis San José traverse le majestueux parc national Braulio Carrillo. If hiking is your focus, you should visit during the dry season. Our beach/pool temperature score is 0 for perceived temperatures below 65°F, rising linearly to 9 for 75°F, to 10 for 82°F, falling linearly to 9 for 90°F, and to 1 for 100°F or hotter. The beach/pool score favors clear, rainless days with perceived temperatures between 75°F and 90°F. The vertical gray bars (new Moons) and blue bars (full Moons) indicate key Moon phases. Le village affiche un profond respect pour l'identité culturelle de ses habitants. The wind experienced at any given location is highly dependent on local topography and other factors, and instantaneous wind speed and direction vary more widely than hourly averages. It is by far the most culturally diverse province in Costa Rica. Limón, capitale de l’ambiance afro-caribéenne, est née avec la construction d’un port d’exportation de bananes et tout type de grains en 1870 au Costa Rica.Puerto Limón est l’une des villes les plus antiques du monde, créée lors de l’arrivée de Christophe Colomb après la conquête du Nouveau Monde. The earliest sunrise is at 5:09 AM on May 28, and the latest sunrise is 45 minutes later at 5:54 AM on January 28. With the abundance of Afro-Caribbean lifestyles, the annual Carnival Festival is definitely worth a visit. The time in which the moon is above the horizon (light blue area), with new moons (dark gray lines) and full moons (blue lines) indicated. The most rain falls during the 31 days centered around June 30, with an average total accumulation of 7.3 inches. The temperature in Limón varies so little throughout the year that it is not entirely meaningful to discuss hot and cold seasons. Based on this score, the best time of year to visit Limón for hot-weather activities is from mid December to late March, with a peak score in the last week of January. Explore Vacation Options. The thin dotted lines are the corresponding average perceived temperatures. The darker period of the year lasts for 5.6 months, from May 26 to November 13, with an average daily incident shortwave energy per square meter below 4.1 kWh. This section reports on the wide-area average surface temperature of that water. It is surrounded by  stunning flora and fauna and is bound to please the nature lover. In Manzanillo, kayaks are available to glide through the gentle mangroves in search of birds and reptiles characteristic of the area. Time zones for airports and weather stations are provided by . If you plan on doing some hiking, you should visit Cahuita National Park instead. The average rainfall (solid line) accumulated over the course of a sliding 31-day period centered on the day in question, with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The province of Limon possesses a unique culture in Costa Rica, a way of life that may be fully appreciated during the traditional carnivals held each year. Definitions of the growing season vary throughout the world, but for the purposes of this report, we define it as the longest continuous period of non-freezing temperatures (≥ 32°F) in the year (the calendar year in the Northern Hemisphere, or from July 1 until June 30 in the Southern Hemisphere). Still colorful in its traditions, but also suitable for those who like a good bar and some dancing. Click on each chart for more information. Puerto Limon . In 2020, the shortest day is December 21, with 11 hours, 33 minutes of daylight; the longest day is June 20, with 12 hours, 43 minutes of daylight. If you want to experience this unique blend of cultures, you can so at the annual Carnival festival. Limon is largely known for its creole and black population. Traveling south, at an hour’s distance, we find Cahuita, a typical caribbean villa. We further caution that our travel scores are only as good as the data that underpin them, that weather conditions at any given location and time are unpredictable and variable, and that the definition of the scores reflects a particular set of preferences that may not agree with those of any particular reader. The average daily incident shortwave solar energy experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year. As the cultural hub of Limon, this capital city is a bustling port town with a unique and vibrant fabric. Limón is on the Atlantic side of the country and stretches out for 130 miles. The average daily shortwave solar energy reaching the ground per square meter (orange line), with 25th to 75th and 10th to 90th percentile bands. It is a port, which is essential in Costa Rica’s economic life and the greatest living example of the multicultural meeting experienced in this region throughout history. The cloudier part of the year begins around April 10 and lasts for 7.5 months, ending around November 25. It has evolved separately from the rest of Costa Rica for many years and so developed its own styles, languages, and ways of life. By the mid-1800s, Costa Rica’s coffee export was on the rise, and the country needed a shipping point to the overseas market. This report illustrates the typical weather in Limón, based on a statistical analysis of historical hourly weather reports and model reconstructions from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 2016. A large amount of the Afro-Caribbean Population was forcibly brought to Limon through the slave trade. It is a wildly popular dish that features coconut rice. Limon doesn’t have a huge selection of hotels but the ones that are there, are both charming and comfortable. Limon is both the name of the Limon province and the capital city. To characterize how pleasant the weather is in Limón throughout the year, we compute two travel scores. They have both been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. In this report, we use a base of 50°F and a cap of 86°F. Limon, with its deep natural harbor and convenient location, became Costa Rica’s first major port. It has ... Home » Costa Rica Cities & Towns » Limón Costa Rica. The town has become a little busy now but still maintains some traditional values. Because of this, it feels almost like a different country! Perhaps the most exuberant region of Limon is Tortuguero National Park, at the north part of the province. Along the coastal area, travelers find a good number of options for lodging. Il ne faut pas oublier de visiter le Parc Vargas, un endroit magnifique d’une architecture merveilleuse, qui offre l’opportunité de se balader à travers une petite forêt au centre ville. Cette ville typique des caraïbes est devenue une destination touristique, non seulement pour sa culture mais également pour la beauté du parc national de Cahuita, qui abrite une grande étendue de récif corallien. Its vegetation is exuberant as are the cultures throughout the province. At Kalisi Coffee Shop, you can combine a super casual (and local!) The average hourly temperature, color coded into bands. Limón, qui dispose d’une grande variété de faune et de flore, possède le plus grand pourcentage d'aires protégées du Costa Rica. Lower dew points feel drier and higher dew points feel more humid. © Copyright 2004-2019 all rights reserved. There are 2 weather stations near enough to contribute to our estimation of the temperature and dew point in Limón. They are located in the vibrant and stunning Puerto Viejo. The road to Limon from San Jose crosses the majestic Braulio Carrillo National Park where beautiful journey to the lowlands of the caribbean begins. Tortuguero is best explored by the canals that map out the park. Those scores are combined into a single hourly composite score, which is then aggregated into days, averaged over all the years in the analysis period, and smoothed. Sitting on the Caribbean Sea, it is connected to the Tortuguero Channels, a series of waterways winding their way through the Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge to Costa Rican border with Nicaragua. So snorkeling enthusiasts will want to put this gem on their list and book a tour! The underwater scenery is marvelous, with a wide chain of coral reefs, composed of different types of coral and occupied by an immense variety of tropical fish. The number of hours during which the Sun is visible (black line). Costa Rica and Panama both share the majestic Talamanca mountain range. The solar day over the course of the year 2020. This refuge protects almost 4,500 hectares of beaches and sea, for the spawning of four species of turtles. Ce refuge qui s’étend sur environ 4 500 hectares de mer et de plages sert de lieu de ponte pour 4 espèces de tortues. Weather data is prone to errors, outages, and other defects. Growing degree days are a measure of yearly heat accumulation used to predict plant and animal development, and defined as the integral of warmth above a base temperature, discarding any excess above a maximum temperature. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in the Southern Caribbean is closer to a party town. Son mode de vie se dévoile dans toute sa splendeur lors des carnavals traditionnels célébrés chaque année, véritable effervescence de couleurs et de rythmes endiablés et captivants. Later on, particularly during the 19th century, workers were hired from nearby islands like Jamaica. Cross the border: Limon is not very far from the Panama border. Todos los aislamientos de helecho hoja de cuero (25 aislamientos) y de limón criollo (25 aislamientos) se identificaron como C. acutatum. Costa Rica’s Caribbean side has a unique atmosphere and a fascinating history. Siquirres is the perfect little town for the traveler looking to get away from booming tourism. The average hourly wind speed in Limón experiences mild seasonal variation over the course of the year. atmosphere with amazing food. Visiting Limon Costa Rica. A wet day is one with at least 0.04 inches of liquid or liquid-equivalent precipitation. The clearer part of the year in Limón begins around November 25 and lasts for 4.5 months, ending around April 10. Download now. Institut Costaricien de Tourisme, Site institutionnel, Costa Rica Convention Center, Promotional Site, © Costa Rica Tourism Board | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Site Map. It includes the stunning Chirripó National Park which encompasses three provinces–Limon, San Jose and Cartago. Costa Rica > Limon; Airlines that fly to Limon (Costa Rica) Airlines flying to Limon are listed here. In fact, you can book a shuttle straight to Bocas del Toro. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 76°F to 86°F and is rarely below 73°F or above 89°F. Your best option, however, would be to rent a car. Puerto Viejo, à seulement 30 minutes de Cahuita, est un autre lieu emblématique de la province caribéenne. Sa végétation est à l’image des cultures qui caractérisent toute la province : exubérante. Puerto Limón est l’une des villes les plus antiques du monde, créée lors de l’arrivée de Christophe Colomb après la conquête du Nouveau Monde. Found in the last 45 days. La province des caraïbes est un véritable paradis naturel, formé par un mélange de forêts fermées, d'imposantes montagnes et de plages paradisiaques. Majoritairement sur les côtes, la population noire y est en plus grand nombre que dans toutes les autres régions. This is why English Creole is now a dominant language. Ses eaux tranquilles constituent un spot incomparable pour les amoureux du snorkeling. Limon has the highest percentage of protected land in Costa Rica, as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. The thin dotted line is the corresponding average liquid-equivalent snowfall. Costa Rica’s Caribbean side has a unique atmosphere and a fascinating history. To show variation within the months and not just the monthly totals, we show the rainfall accumulated over a sliding 31-day period centered around each day of the year. Limon is largely known for its creole and black population. La ville de Limón est la première porte d’entrée pour les visiteurs. Traveling south, at an hour’s distance, we find Cahuita, a typical caribbean villa. The topography within 2 miles of Limón contains only modest variations in elevation, with a maximum elevation change of 253 feet and an average elevation above sea level of 39 feet. The muggiest day of the year is June 15, with muggy conditions 100% of the time. Limón (Spanish pronunciation: ), commonly known as Puerto Limón, is a district , the capital city and main hub of Limón province, as well as of the Limón canton in Costa Rica.It is the seventh largest city in Costa Rica, with a population of over 55,000, and is home of the Afro-Costa Rican community. Despite this, Limon remains as one of the least traveled regions in Costa Rica, allowing for exploration of untouched prehistoric rainforests and unmatched beauty compared with the rest of the country. Mais Puerto Limón vous apportera plus de surprises, comme avoir l’opportunité de pratiquer la randonnée dans des forêts vierges, visiter des mangroves et, même, des zones de haute montagne, puisque cette région caribéenne a une diversité géographique sans pareil. The horizontal axis is the day of the year, the vertical axis is the hour of the day, and the color is the average temperature for that hour and day. Puerto Limon is situated in the province of Limon at Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Puerto Limon Tourism: Tripadvisor has 4,575 reviews of Puerto Limon Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Puerto Limon resource. The windiest day of the year is January 13, with an average hourly wind speed of 6.2 miles per hour. On January 2, the clearest day of the year, the sky is clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy 62% of the time, and overcast or mostly cloudy 38% of the time. Puerto Limón est un village parfait pour déguster des merveilles culinaires que donne la mer, où tout plat aura un goût différent des autres endroits  où vous pourrez manger. 3:25. Sa végétation est à l’image des cultures qui caractérisent toute la province : exubérante. The figure below shows you a compact characterization of the entire year of hourly average temperatures. Limón experiences some seasonal variation in the perceived humidity. The percentage of time spent at various humidity comfort levels, categorized by dew point. Même si elle n’est pas considérée comme une grande région touristique, et qu’elle a été affaiblie par le tremblement de terre qui a frappé en 1991, vous y trouverez une ambiance totalement différente de celle que vous pouvez respirer ailleurs dans le pays, un ambiance qui vous rapprochera, avec ses arômes et ses nuances, d’un monde absolument caribéen, un monde avec un dialecte propre, le mekatelyu, qui vous fera voyager plus loin des frontières de cette ville costaricienne. Faites vos réservations d'hôtel ou appartement: Comparez les offres de vols et faites vos réservations à l'avance pour économiser de l'argent. We draw particular cautious attention to our reliance on the MERRA-2 model-based reconstructions for a number of important data series. The drier season lasts 4.7 months, from December 8 to April 30. If you are lucky, you might not even have to visit a national park to see one of Costa Rica’s most famous residents. Fortaleza, Brazil (3,208 miles away) is the far-away foreign place with temperatures most similar to Limón (view comparison). Cette vaste étendue d'espaces protégés est également le lieu le plus important de la côte Atlantique du continent américain en ce qui concerne la ponte de la tortue verte. The average water temperature does not vary significantly over the course of the year, remaining within 1°F of 82°F throughout. The darkest day of the year is June 26, with an average of 3.5 kWh. Limon’s dry season is between February-March and September-October. Some of the other towns offer more remote but also offer great traditional value. C'est non seulement un port essentiel pour la vie économique du Costa Rica, mais aussi le plus bel exemple des rencontres multiculturelles vécues par la région au cours de son histoire. La zone naturelle la plus exubérante de Limón est sans doute le parc national de Tortuguero, situé au nord de la province. From bottom (most yellow) to top (most gray), the color bands indicate: full daylight, twilight (civil, nautical, and astronomical), and full night. The combination of past slavery, Jamaican workers and the indigenous culture, has turned Limon into an extremely varied cultural treasure. Daylight saving time (DST) is not observed in Limón during 2020. Among wet days, we distinguish between those that experience rain alone, snow alone, or a mixture of the two. The climate in Limón is hot, oppressive, and overcast. Cahuita National Park has 600 acres of living coral reefs. The windier part of the year lasts for 5.9 months, from November 12 to May 7, with average wind speeds of more than 5.0 miles per hour. Visit between February-March or September-October: The rainy and dry seasons in Caribbean province of Costa Rica is different than the Pacific Side. *** Information offerte par la Revue Destinos. To start a new flight search, use the search controls above. The city of Limon is the point of arrival for visitors. A paradise for those in love with Caribbean beaches! The Leatherback, Green sea turtles and Hawksbill are commonly spotted. The brighter period of the year lasts for 2.5 months, from February 7 to April 21, with an average daily incident shortwave energy per square meter above 6.1 kWh. La province de Limón possède en outre une culture unique au Costa Rica. It is a port, which is essential in Costa Rica’s economic life and the greatest living example of the multicultural meeting experienced in this region throughout history. From bottom to top, the black lines are the previous solar midnight, sunrise, solar noon, sunset, and the next solar midnight. Rigo Narváez 34,327 views. My Costa Rica (CostaRica.Org) is a Travel Agency that offers Custom Costa Rica Vacations & Packages Including Hotels, All-Inclusive Resorts and Tours. Don’t forget to try the traditional “rice and beans” while you’re on the Caribbean side. The day, twilights (civil, nautical, and astronomical), and night are indicated by the color bands from yellow to gray. Based on this score, the best time of year to visit Limón for general outdoor tourist activities is from late December to late March, with a peak score in the last week of January. Our cloud cover score is 10 for fully clear skies, falling linearly to 9 for mostly clear skies, and to 1 for fully overcast skies. Shortwave radiation includes visible light and ultraviolet radiation. This section discusses the total daily incident shortwave solar energy reaching the surface of the ground over a wide area, taking full account of seasonal variations in the length of the day, the elevation of the Sun above the horizon, and absorption by clouds and other atmospheric constituents. Make sure to also pay a visit to the Jaguar Rescue Center and learn all about Limon’s conservation efforts. This town has become “a must” for visitors, for it represents the essence of a culture, and the beauty of Cahuita National Park, which protects an important expanse of coral reefs. Limón experiences extreme seasonal variation in monthly rainfall. The highest peak in Costa Rica! The stations contributing to this reconstruction are: Juan Santamaría International Airport (57%, 129 kilometers, west) and David Airport (43%, 190 kilometers, south). Here you can best experience the Afro-Caribbean culture that so strongly defines these parts of Costa Rica. À côté du Musée Ethnohistorique de la ville de Limón, qui vous informera sur l’histoire de cette province, un autre endroit important est le port, lieu d’arrivée de nombreuses croisières. La plupart des hôtels et des cabinas sont petits et consistent le plus souvent en des bungalows, un type de construction propre aux caraïbes. C’est dans cette province que la diversité ethnique est la plus forte. A combination of music, beaches and food are the elements attracting thousands of tourists year by year. On June 14, the cloudiest day of the year, the sky is overcast or mostly cloudy 96% of the time, and clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy 4% of the time. Untouched by Spanish colonization, these mountains are still home to indigenous groups. The percentage of hours in which the mean wind direction is from each of the four cardinal wind directions, excluding hours in which the mean wind speed is less than. Our precipitation score, which is based on the three-hour precipitation centered on the hour in question, is 10 for no precipitation, falling linearly to 9 for trace precipitation, and to 0 for 0.04 inches of precipitation or more. Le refuge national de vie sauvage Gandoca-Manzanillo est situé juste au sud de la frange côtière, tout près de la frontière avec le Panama. The caribbean province is a natural paradise, formed by a combination of dense jungles, imposing mountains, and paradisiac beaches. As the name suggests, this is the place you visit when you want to spot sea turtles. The percentage of time spent in various temperature bands. The muggier period of the year lasts for 10 months, from March 7 to January 20, during which time the comfort level is muggy, oppressive, or miserable at least 91% of the time. However Limon and its surrounding area is hot and humid all year round, so anytime is a good time to visit. This section discusses the wide-area hourly average wind vector (speed and direction) at 10 meters above the ground. Temperatures in Limón are sufficiently warm year round that it is not entirely meaningful to discuss the growing season in these terms. Le littoral offre, tout le long de la côte, de multiples formules d'hébergement. In Limón, the average percentage of the sky covered by clouds experiences extreme seasonal variation over the course of the year. Maps are © Esri, with data from National Geographic, Esri, DeLorme, NAVTEQ, UNEP-WCMC, USGS, NASA, ESA, METI, NRCAN, GEBCO, NOAA, and iPC. The quiet waters in this spot are a plus for lovers of snorkeling. True to its name, it has a number of small lodges that look exactly like a luxurious tree house. Our tourism temperature score is 0 for perceived temperatures below 50°F, rising linearly to 9 for 65°F, to 10 for 75°F, falling linearly to 9 for 80°F, and to 1 for 90°F or hotter. The shaded overlays indicate night and civil twilight. The calmest day of the year is September 15, with an average hourly wind speed of 3.7 miles per hour. À Manzanillo, on peut louer des kayaks pour parcourir des paisibles mangroves, qui plairont tout particulièrement aux voyageurs désireux d’observer les oiseaux et les reptiles typiques de la zone. Names, locations, and time zones of places and some airports come from the GeoNames Geographical Database . While having the tremendous advantages of temporal and spatial completeness, these reconstructions: (1) are based on computer models that may have model-based errors, (2) are coarsely sampled on a 50 km grid and are therefore unable to reconstruct the local variations of many microclimates, and (3) have particular difficulty with the weather in some coastal areas, especially small islands. We nevertheless include the chart below as an illustration of the distribution of temperatures experienced throughout the year. The museums and gorgeous architecture will draw you in but the everyday life and its people will make you want to stay in this wonderful city. Limon is largely known for its creole and black population. Limón, qui dispose d’une grande variété de faune et de flore, possède le plus grand pourcentage d'aires protégées du Costa Rica. The climate in Limón is hot, oppressive, and overcast.