against Rocky Balboa. His Russian father was only his stepfather. Ludmilla then states that they didn't come here to lose, Apollo then says that Ivan is going to lose and lose royally! Viktor enters the tenth round with the lead on the scorecards, but begins to tire, as he had never gone past the fourth round in previous matches without knocking his opponent out. “It worked so perfect to book-end the life of Apollo Creed — a man who in the very beginning comes into do this as a lark ... and in the end, a guy who has already left, but there is still that fighter in him and that muscle memory in him where he is still trying to move, and it's gone.". The fight became fairly evenly matched in the next few rounds with both fighters landing their power punches, stringing together combos, and continuing to batter their opponent. However Drago never came close to winning a major title and never fought another top contender again, because of politics in the sport at the time. Dolph Lundgren, the actor behind the iconic Rocky IV character, recently popped the question to girlfriend Emma Krokdal. Blue Commentaries on Drago often characterize him as a hyperbolic representation of Soviet power in the context of the latter part of the Cold War. spinach every day!" After the fight, Rocky Balboa did whatever he could to get a fight with Ivan, but the boxing commission stated that they would not sanction the fight, urging Rocky to wait two years. Infantry Captain (late 1970s until late 1980s) Professional Boxer (1985,1991-late 90s)Boxing Trainer for Viktor Drago (Late 90s-Present) He first appeared in the 1985 film Rocky IV, in which he is Rocky Balboa's rival. When shooting the film, Sylvester Stallone decided that for the shooting of the fight, he and Dolph Lundgren should hit one another for real, so as to increase the intensity of the scene. He had three. [4]. Dolph Lundgren, the man, is obviously a very strong, athletic guy – you need only look at him to see that. Ivan and his team held another press conference from their training facility, showcasing the advanced technology they're using to train him. talks and always spoke on his behalf at press conferences and interviews. Drago wants to win, but not for the crowd, not for his nation, not for the communist party, not for the Politburo. "[7] Others have characterized Drago in contrast to Rocky, the prototypically U.S. hero, and that Drago's defeat represents a crumbling of the Soviet regime. As the two brave boxers entered the ring, it was made clear that the Soviet crowed heavily favoured Drago and disliked Balboa due to his nationality. They flew to America where he joined the WWE (formerly WWF) in hopes of booking a title fight against the World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa, convinced Drago could defeat the Italian-American and take his non-deserving title. He inherited his mother's hair and eye colour, though he did inherit his father's big frame. Drago generally allows his wife and trainers to talk on his behalf to the press. So how does Drago get away with taking steroids? After three decades out of the public eye, Rocky Balboa's old foe Ivan Drago is returning for Creed 2 - but how well do you know the Siberian Express? 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Following his loss to Rocky, Ludmilla divorced Ivan and left him to raise Viktor Drago (Ivan's son) on his own, in which Viktor succeeded his father and pursued a career in boxing. Creed continued showboating to the crowd and dancing around before finally entering the ring as James Brown finished the song. What better time to revisit one of the franchise’s most memorable characters and a man of few words – here are 18 things you never knew about Ivan Drago. Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago costume is the stuff of cinematic legend, and undoubtedly one of the most iconic and enduring images from the Rocky franchise as a whole. Drago exhibits no remorse about what happened to the former champion, simply stating in an interview after the fight that "if he dies, he dies." Part of what helped Ivan Drago become the man mountain he is in Rocky IV is undoubtedly steroids. He eats his sfn error: no target: CITEREFStrada1997 (, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "The Definitive Ranking of Rocky Fighters",, "ROCKY IV - THE MISUNDERSTOOD: IVAN DRAGO - Ruthless Reviews", "Where Have You Gone, Ivan Drago? His average punch is also roughly 1,850 pounds PSI. Before the match begins, Drago mutters "You will lose.". Ivan also showed surprising agility for November 3rd, 1961 Still, the joke is on Drago if Mike Tyson is to be believed. With as many as 8,000 actors auditioning for the part of Drago, it’s hardly a shock to learn that a few familiar names came close to landing the part. Family Guy Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Some weight sets carry a maximum of 400 pounds, and Drago’s record far outstrips Arnold Schwarzenegger’s own efforts as a professional bodybuilder. When the fight commenced, Creed appeared to be doing well, landing multiple jabs; however, they didn't seem to faze Drago. tended to become more aggressive as fights went on. He is also an infantry Captain in the Soviet Army and is a self-proclaimed Archduke of the Soviet Monarchy (today Russia), despite there not even being one and not being Soviet by nationality at all and the big ironic difference between the communist and monarch ideologies. The average psi for a heavyweight After the conference, Drago recommenced training with state-of-the-art equipment. In Creed II, it is revealed that Drago and Ludmilla had divorced as a result of his loss to Balboa and is now raising their son alone named Viktor, who is also a professional boxer. They moved together to New York City, where after a short stint as a model and bouncer at the Manhattan nightclub The Limelight, Jones got him a small debut role in the James Bond film A View to a Kill as a KGB henchman. 2018 A versatile Hollywood figure, Dolph wears multiple hats in the entertainment industry as an actor, film director, and martial artist. They then touched gloves with Creed slamming into Ivan's and says ''You will lose'', which causes Creed's expression to become more worrying. Ivan had a dominating round, but it was called upon by Rocky because Rocky began taunting at Ivan to bring it, similar to how he did in his fight against Clubber Lang. I defeat real champion..'' and then in regards to Apollo's fatal injuries, Ivan said ''If he dies... he dies. Drago destroyed the robot as well. Portrayed by According to his wife, he is not human, he is a piece of iron. He shows that he does have a cold heart as he trains Viktor Drago (Ivan's son), relentlessly rather than bonding with him, but by the end of Creed II, Ivan made the decision to put his son over his nation, letting go of the past and bonding with his son. FOR ME!". He scolds Ivan for seeking validation from the very people who turned their backs on him when he needed them, telling his father that these people kicked him out. What had happened was that Lungren had punched him so hard in the chest, Stallone's heart had slammed up against his breastbone and began to swell, cutting off the blood supply and restricting the oxygen flow throughout the body. He is a individual who hates being treated like an object of somebody else's intentions. Ivan Gustaf Drago was born in Moscow, former Soviet Union (now Russia) on 3 November, 1957 to a Swedish mother and Russian father. Ivan pushes Viktor to his limit in training for the bout. She dismissed allegations of Drago's steroid use, explaining her husband's freakish size and strength by saying "he is like your Cena. Ivan is now focusing on developing a deeper bond with his son, training side-by-side with him. Eventually, the fight arrives, but Drago learns his brother, who was also in prison alongside him, will die unless he wins. Drago's history is revealed by his wife and state's records, if the player chooses the path of Drago. He has proposed to his girlfriend Emma Krokdal, 38 years his junior. Finally, at peace with his past, Ivan focuses on developing a deeper bond with his son, training with him side-by-side. Out of Universe In later life, Drago killed a few more wrestlers in the WWE Studio in Miami. Ivan trained his son ruthlessly for the next 20 years, attempting to make him a better boxer than he was. In Rocky IV, Ludmilla Drago (Ivan's wife) always spoke for Ivan during interviews as he simply looked at the cameras and occasionally looking at others, indicating that Ivan is a quiet person as he doesn't talk much. As seen in the events from Rocky Legends, Ivan was first scouted by Nicolai Koloff in Russia, Koloff was tasked with finding a fighter that could be built and sent to the United States in order to become champion. Segway attacked immediately, but Drago was able to defeat the cyborg. Rocky hits Ivan with a few shots after the bell, causing Rocky to grab him by the throat and punch him with a straight right, Rocky then picks Ivan up and slams him on the ground, the short melee is quickly broken up by the trainers of each fighter. Ivan defeated these, only to be met by Stabby Jenkins, a short man with a dagger. Ludmilla Vobet Drago (ex-wife) Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unlike his fight with Apollo Creed where he waited and timed his shots, Ivan stormed out of his corner and charged at Rocky Balboa, trapping him in his own corner and unloading with body shots and hooks! Ivan seems delighted by all of this while Viktor doesn't seem to care for their stamp of approval. After six months of training and screen testing, he landed the role of Ivan Drago. Along the way, Drago must fight a cyborg version of fallen foe Apollo Creed and, later, Rocky Balboa himself. Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer boasts plenty of cool additional features too. Ivan Drago is a fictional character in the film Rocky IV (1985). much information surrounding his childhood, but one would assume that he While inside, he takes on the role of Mafia enforcer and eventually faces off against a fellow prisoner in a brutal prison fight. Ivan counters and continues to unload, eventually knocking Balboa down with ease! Ivan came out second and was praised with support from his home crowd, he entered the ring and nodded to his superiors who were sitting in the upper decks of the crowd. Initially rejected by Stallone for being “too tall”, Lundgren, a self-confessed fan of the franchise and martial arts expert, was undeterred. [1]. press conference was seen by the former Heavyweight Champion and retired professional boxer named Apollo Creed. Still lacking a true championship belt, the Dragos challenge Donnie to a rematch in Russia. After his loss to Rocky, Drago was disgraced by the USSR and Ludmilla left him to raise their son, Viktor, on his own. Rumor has it that real-life two-time WBA heavyweight champion Nikolai Valuev was tapped to appear in the film but ultimately rejected the opportunity. He is portrayed by Swedish actor and martial artist Dolph Lundgren. When Peter and the guys buy a Russian bootleg copy of Rocky IV in "Petey IV", they find it ends with Ivan winning the fight by cutting part of the film after Rocky gets back up from a knockdown. A pre-fight press conference was held with Apollo cracking jokes and making fun of the Russian, stating that he is going to teach Ivan to box ''The American way'', Apollo was asked about Ivan's inexperience to which Apollo replied ''Some people just have to learn the hard way!'' Then, portions of the crowd started to cheer for Balboa, for his perseverance, and challenge that he posed to Drago. Armed with an average punch of 2230 psi , he is able to kill Rocky Balboa 's friend and later trainer, Apollo Creed , but is unsuccessful in defeating Rocky himself. The ring came up while "Living in America" was being performed by James Brown and Apollo Creed was making an elaborate entrance, dancing his way around all the showgirls, dancers and James Brown. The fighters touch gloves and like his previous encounter with Apollo, Ivan slammed his gloves down on top of Balboa's and said ''I must break you.''. Drago's trainer—a Soviet/East German official—insults him, claiming that by allowing an American to fight so admirably on Russian soil, Drago is disgracing the Soviet Union. to Rocky Balboa immediately before the match begins. That might explain why Apollo Creed was killed fighting Drago, but then surely, Rocky would have also died during their bout? Drago visits Rocky in his restaurant to tell him how Rocky cost him everything, and threatens to avenge his loss through Viktor, telling Rocky, "My son will break your boy.". Except, it ended up being a popular quote among fans of the film in Italy, with young cinemagoers regularly using the line “I will break you in two” and thus ensuring it entered the popular lexicon…in Italy. Ivan was an amateur boxer and Olympic gold medalist from the Soviet Union, armed with a punch over 2,000 psi. Olympic rivalry of the Cold War: "Nationalism makes the Olympics worth watching. Or so it would appear. Ivan takes great pride in representing his country as seen in Rocky IV and Creed II. 0 Ivan Drago Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer is an online game created by I-Mockery. opponent. record of 100 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws and 100 knockouts. Made up Characters Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. According to Lundgren, the Ivan Drago costume was actually stolen from his home sometime around 1990, and its whereabouts are currently unknown. size and strength by saying, "he is like your Popeye. Viktor pummels Adonis, breaking his orbital bone, ribs, and brutally puncturing one of his kidneys, but he is disqualified for landing a punch on Adonis while he was down. Drago seems to be fighting for his country (as the Soviet officials indicate), but as one of his promoters starts yelling at him in the fourteenth round for not fulfilling expectations, Drago angrily lifted the promoter by the neck, and threw him into the crowd, exclaiming; "I fight for me! The press questions if Ivan has used any anabolic steroids, in which Ludmilla replies ''Never! was raised with discipline, due to growing up in such a rough environment. capable of enduring consistent punishment, which contributed to his loss Blonde “Doctors [on set in case of accidental real injury] and people filming thought that I had been actually hit on that one,” Weathers recalled in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Get it right and the fighter becomes that bit more fearsome. The Mishima Corporation is extremely confident in Drago's abilities; however, Drago never bragged about it. Last appearance He took photos of himself in boxing gear and had them sent to Stallone. Film(s) Details remain sketchy on how things turned out for Drago in the aftermath of his defeat to Rocky Balboa at the end of Rocky IV. He very nearly broke him for real. Drago is married to another athlete, Ludmilla Irjana Drago who is a double gold medallist in swimming. Viktor had a rematch with Adonis in Russia, the fight was a war with both men destroying each other. However, in the fourteenth round, Balboa started to blunt Drago's efforts to best him, and Balboa gave Drago some pressure. He is portrayed by Swedish actor and real-life martial artist Dolph Lundgren. Along the way, Ivan and Viktor meet a boxing promoter, Buddy Marcelle. Drago is chosen to fight a man called Belek. In the second round, Drago maintained his momentum, landing multiple blows to the now fatigued Creed. Or at least, she was until the thieves realized whose house it was, released her, and quickly fled. In 1985, undefeated amateur Russian world boxing champion, 24-year-old Ivan arrived in the United States along with Ludmilla Drago (Ivan's wife), Nicolai Koloff (Ivan's political adviser) and Sergei Igor Rimsky and Manuel Vega (Ivan's trainers). Andrew Scott / GR131993 1. In the script, Drago is sent back to Russia and imprisoned for 30 years as punishment for losing to Rocky Balboa. She is more articulate than Ivan, who seldom Short and rarely sweet appeared to be the order of the day when it came to writing Drago’s dialogue, with the Russian keeping things brief but aggressive with pretty much everything he says. Nicolai is asked if Ivan can withstand the pressure of fighting someone like Balboa to which Nicolai responds that nobody can match Ivan's strength, endurance, or aggressiveness, making him indestructible. Universal Soldier, as Sgt. He then fought several more of the criminals before entering Mighty Mick's Gym. He also appears in the 2018 film Creed II, in which he serves as the trainer to his son Viktor. After a long spell performing in direct-to-video films, 2010 marked his return to theatres with The Expendables, an on-screen reunion with Stallone, alongside an all-action star cast which included, among others, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Mickey Rourke. Later that night, he had difficulty breathing and was taken to a nearby emergency room. Ivan Drago, Actor: WoolFell. Ivan has raised his son in hate and Ivan has continued to train his son ruthlessly for the last 20 years. At the pre-fight show, Drago was booed by the American crowd who heavily favoured Creed. FOR ME! Ivan Gustaf Drago was born in Moscow, former Soviet Union (now Russia) on 3 November, 1957 to a Swedish mother and Russian father. Unlike the flamboyant Apollo Creed and the brash James "Clubber" Lang—Rocky's opponents in previous films—Ivan Drago is quiet and non-boastful. Many viewers and critics have suggested that Drago was meant to symbolize the U.S. perception of the Soviets: immense, powerful, and emotionless. During the weigh-in, Ivan taunts Adonis as Ivan tells Adonis he is much smaller than Apollo was. In addition to being a professional boxer and wrestler, he is also an enforcer for the. He was extremely determined in the ring, capable of outworking any A poll of former heavyweight champions and prominent boxing writers ranked Drago as the third-best fighter in the Rocky film series. Eventually, Rocky was able to work out a deal with Ivan's team to have the fight take place in the USSR on Christmas Day for no money whatsoever. In the Italian version of Rocky, the line is dubbed as something slightly different: “I will break you in two”. 2100 psi, his average was 1850 psi. Ivan would eventually join the Soviet Army becoming an Infantry Captain, it Biography. Rocky IV Hans Dolph Lundgren (born 3 November 1957), (/ ˈ l ʌ n d ɡ r ən /, Swedish: [ˈdɔlːf ˈlɵ̌nːdɡreːn] ()), is a Swedish actor, filmmaker, and martial artist.Lundgren's breakthrough came in 1985, when he starred in Rocky IV as the imposing Soviet Union boxer Ivan Drago.Since then, he has starred in more than 70 films, almost all of them in the action genre. The ABC podcast Finding Drago[12] explores the influence of Ivan Drago on contemporary writers, novelists and comedians, including the novel On Mountains We Stand[13] by Todd Noy, which chronicles the events of Ivan Drago's life in the immediate aftermath of the Rocky IV film. Total fights The character and his catchphrases have gone on to inspire multiple mentions in popular culture, including in the episode, "Brian Goes Back to College". Though Lundgren came away largely unscathed, after just one day of shooting, Stallone was rushed to a nearby emergency room after suffering difficulty breathing. Ludmilla (Ivan's wife) spoke for him at press conferences, with Drago simply staring at the press without saying anything. In 2018, the Drago name is still shamed on by the Russians, leaving Ivan alone in Ukraine with Viktor Drago (Ivan's son). Thankfully, Weathers and Lundgren soon moved on from the incident and are thought to be on very good terms now. Ivan held a post-conference right off the plane to announce his entry into the American professional boxing world. Despite Ivan's impressive performance in the first round, his trainers place an exceptional amount of pressure on him, expecting Ivan to dominate Balboa more. Have your say in the comments. Known for his stature and fitness, at peak, Lundgren stood around 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m) and weighed 250 pounds (113 kg), and continues to be an influence in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. As the rounds progressed, it became an evenly-matched fight. At the time, the Soviet Union and the United States were at war with each other and the Soviet Union wanted to prove their superiority. The film wouldn’t necessarily have been a boxing encounter either, instead focusing on the two former fighters in their post-boxing life with the action moving between their two, markedly different lives, in America and Russia. Drago's trainers, Sergei Igor Rimsky (George Rogan) and Manuel Vega (James "Cannonball" Green), along with his wife Ludmilla (Brigitte Nielsen), are convinced that he can defeat any boxer. His heart rate and punching power are constantly measured during his workouts. Creed arrives to the ring wearing his signature Stars & Stripes boxing garb to "Living in America," sung by James Brown, dancing upon a huge stage that is lowered into the ring. Nicolai states that whatever he hits, he destroys. hopes of booking a title fight against the World Champion named Rocky Balboa, Dolph Lundgren was rumored to have been one of 8,000 actors to show up for a 'cattle call' audition for the part of Ivan Drago. Next came Paulie's Robot, another machine, that did not attack. What did Katya Lycheva do wrong? Ivan also spars with various men and knocks them all out very quickly. While filming the final few scenes of their epic fight, Stallone hit upon the idea of having he and Lundgren actually punch each other for real. Apollo Creed was victorious in Rocky, Clubber Lang beat the champ in Rocky III and – SPOILER ALERT – Mason “The Line” Dixon won out in Rocky Balboa. Rocky withstood everything that Ivan threw at him during those rounds., The Siberian Express, The Russian Mauler, Chachovich's Idol, The Siberian Bull, The Soviet, Death from Above, Valirover, the Soviet Archduke, Swedish boxer, WWE pro wrestler, occassional boxer, Russian Mafia enforcer, Archduke of Soviet Russia, Drago received an injection of anabolic steroids during his trainings. his size, demonstrated in his elusiveness during the fight with Apollo Creed. Rocky IVRocky V (flashbacks)Creed II, Boxing Trainer for Viktor Drago (Late 90s-Present). Gender Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Donnie shoves Drago and a scrum breaks out between the two champs. force of over two thousand pounds per square inch, hence the expression that Finally at peace with his past, Ivan focuses on developing a deeper bond with his son, jogging with him side-by-side. Ludmilla appears during a dinner meeting, causing Viktor to storm out in disgust. In the second round, Ivan continually lands blows on Rocky and knocks him down again, much to the chagrin of Balboa's trainers and Adrian Balboa (Rocky's wife), but the turning point comes when Rocky catches Ivan with a right hook that opens up a bad cut on his cheek! She is more articulate than Drago, who seldom talks, and always spoke on his behalf at press conferences and interviews. [10], Russian goodwill ambassador Katya Lycheva objected to the character Ivan Drago, saying that the film uses him to vilify Russian people.[11]. In 2009, Lundgren’s home was raided again while he was away, and his wife was restrained. Balboa was able to land a few body shots, prompting Ivan to smile and point at his stomach, asking Rocky to bring it! Drago even continues to attack Creed after the bell is rung to end the round, despite this being an exhibition match instead of a professional one. Boxing Statistics The Siberian Express is even shown, in one scene, receiving a series of mysterious injections. Finally, Ivan countered and unloaded on Apollo, connecting with countless hooks and strikes, eventually dropping Apollo and winning the fight by KO. He is seen lifting extreme amounts of weight and running around a private track, whilst his personal trainers tracked the minutiae of Drago's biology, monitoring even his heart rate. Ludmilla Drago (Ivan's wife) divorced him and left him to raise Viktor Drago (Ivan's son) on his own. This article, Ivan Drago, is property of Billy cougar. She is much more articulate than Drago, who seldom talks, and always speaks on his behalf at press conferences and interviews. Biographical Information However, Stallone eventually decided to have the focus of Rocky V center on the damage Rocky sustained in the fight, as a means of showcasing the dangers of boxing, while introducing Tommy Gunn. Some of those actors just make no sense for that time. It was a little moment of inspired improvisation that proved all too convincing for some. A complete unknown at the time, Van Damme’s next major part would be in Predator, where he briefly played the titular alien hunter before quitting (or being fired; accounts vary) the project early on in production. After Ivan wins that fight, his Soviet trainers were Rocky defeats Drago by KO in the 15th and final round in a dramatic ending. Stance Ivan was born on November 3rd, 1961 in Moscow, Russia, there isn’t You’d think Lundgren probably has them hung on his wall, in a place of pride, as a lasting memory of the moment he first arrived in Hollywood. Kiev, UkraineMoscow, Russia (formerly) A mural presented by the USSR of Ivan Drago. Arnold Schwarzenegger was rumored to be in the frame for the role, which is surprising given the rivalry Stallone and the Austrian shared later in the decade.