Lyra reminded Iofur that she would go to his side and "pretend" to still be loyal to him, which Iofur thought would make the fight more entertaining. Will brandished his knife when Kaisa pointed out that the Spectres were afraid of him, and then Serafina Pekkala herself had descended to ask why the Spectres were afraid of him. Lyra was able to convince the bear and another that she had an urgent message for their king, Iofur Raknison. During their hushed argument, Lyra revealed that she knew about his search for his missing father. She was almost 12 when she finished filming Logan. He told Lyra he had been following her, waiting for her to have a moment alone so they could talk. Lin-Manuel Miranda plays the adventurer Lee Scoresby on "His Dark Materials." Warning: This post contains major spoilers from episode three of His Dark Materials. Lord Faa also revealed that he employed a stranded aëronaut named Lee Scoresby. But her new skill points to why she’ll be so important in the future. Lyra told Will that she was in search of Dust and had come to this world looking for scholars on the subject. By the starlight alone, Lyra could see that Lord Asriel's dæmon Stelmaria had hold of Roger's dæmon Salcilia and wouldn't let her go, so Roger could not run away. Ruth Wilson as Ms. Coulter on "His Dark Materials." It was clear by their ghost-like demeanor that they were the dæmons of the severed children. After having an argument about Lyra's shoulderbag, with Lyra refusing to take it off, the golden monkey jumped on Pan pinning him to the ground and wouldn't let go until Lyra promised to put the shoulderbag away. As Asriel was about to take a drink from it, Lyra shouted, 'No!' It was clear that when Lyra was born, she was not Edward Coulter's daughter. HBO's TV adaptation is also not following the strict order of events and revelations found in the "His Dark Materials" books. Mutant to mutineer … with Hugh Jackman in Logan, the BBC/HBO adaptation of His Dark Materials, Catholic League called for a boycott of The Golden Compass. It took her a minute to get her bearings, and she was finally able to get up with Will's help. In the most recent edition of The Amber Spyglass released in the UK, the post-script "Lantern Slides" section shows Lyra studying the alethiometer (a rare truth-telling device) with Pantalaimon at age 18. Pantalaimon suggested that Lyra act slow and dim-witted. Two people's dæmons can interact and touch each other, though, just as two people can touch one another. Later that day during lunchtime, Lyra was able to speak freely with Roger and Billy Costa, who was joyous to hear that his brother and the other gyptians were coming to free them. She later learned the truth about her parentage from John Faa, leader of the gyptians. Lyra was placed into the care of Sister Clara, a nurse at the station. Asriel was harsh and domineering and when he murdered Lyra's friend Roger Parslow, she estranged herself from him forever. There, they watch a zeppelin fly overhead, presumably looking for the two, which then is pierced by a bird causing it to fall, burning, into the water. The television series seems more comfortable with its source material, and its Magisterium, the governing body of the Church, is portrayed as a fascist regime. Pantalaimon brought up the idea that because everyone else thought it was bad, Dust must be a good thing. He proceeded to explain that he was going to take poison before the Spectres could get to him, which distressed Lyra. Later, she observed Tony's funeral pyre alongside the other gyptians. We saw in the show’s opening scene Asriel did care enough about his daughter to invoke Scholastic Sanctuary when an opportunity arose to bring Lyra to Jordan College. She quickly explained how she came to be, and that she did not want to be Iorek's dæmon, she wanted to be Iofur's dæmon. The night ended with Kaisa telling the gyptian men exactly how to get to Bolvangar while Lyra fell asleep. Student She asked why he lied about being her father, and why he wasn't happy to see her. Lord Asriel revealed his plan was to travel across the worlds and reach the city in the Aurora, find the source of Dust, and destroy it. Everyone piled into the hired sledges and they were all soon headed north. When they were close enough, Will relayed his plan to Lyra and she agreed to keep watch in Will's world as he went back into the world of Cittàgazze and tried to navigate directly to where Charles' study would be. Will beheaded the creature with the subtle knife, saving Lyra. Sir Charles proceeded to explain that the only way he would give back the alethiometer was if Lyra and Will retrieved a knife from the other world they had taken refuge in. She went onto the deck of the ship and saw the Aurora for the first time. Lyra had a long conversation with Serafina. He also told Will about the rules of the knife. As Farder Coram said, that makes Lyra “more valuable” to the Gyptians than any soldier they have as they head North to fight the Gobblers. Once he had joined her by the fire, they ate roasted bird and blueberries while the witches gathered to talk. Lyra Belacqua (/ˈlaɪrə bəˈlɑːkwə/), also known as Lyra Silvertongue, is the heroine of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. ", The stage production of "Harry Potter and Cursed Child" has drawn criticisms for its story line, written by Jack Thorne. He didn't like the way that Lord Asriel had calmed down only after seeing Roger at Lyra's side. When Will and Lyra were back in the world of Cittàgazze, Will told Lyra about Sir Charles' dæmon. Lyra is unruly and tomboyish and her complete disregard for her appearance and personal hygiene exasperates her adult carers. Pantalaimon is portrayed as a cautious and level-headed counterpoint to Lyra's impulsive, inquisitive, and sometimes reckless character. Lord Boreal came outside armed with a pistol, and Mrs Coulter had her monkey dæmon look around the lawn. Like what you see here? Soon enough, Lyra had convinced Iofur of everything she had said, and he ordered his bears not to attack Iorek on sight. She put up a fight alongside Pantalaimon, but it was two against six. Lyra knew she could use this information to her advantage, and came up with a plan that would convince Iofur to give Iorek a fighting chance. She saw a woman scholar - surprising to Lyra - sitting in front of a computer (which Lyra did not recognize as a computer). The cat got into a fight with Mrs Coulter's dæmon and provided the distraction needed for Lyra to go back through the window and join Will. He would have killed the man if Lyra and Pantalaimon had not stepped forward and grabbed Iorek's fur. Lyra became fascinated with the Cola that Will introduced her to, and she used a can opener for the first time to open some baked beans. “His wife came up to me and was really lovely and was saying I was the perfect Lyra. The two began not talking to each other with Lyra often studying in her bedroom. They introduced themselves and she learned the boy's name was Will Parry, and he came from yet another world entirely. They were being tossed this way and that while the winds buffeted the basket. When she returned to him, she made him a makeshift bandage and wrapped his hand again, worried by the fact that the wound was still bleeding and his hand was swollen. Lyra lived a generally undisciplined life in Oxford. The two groups parted ways and Will told Lyra that she would need to get new clothes and wash up before going into his Oxford. When they finally reached his affluent dwelling, Lyra and Roger went up to the door and were greeted by Thorold, Asriel's manservant. Lyra followed Iorek to the narrow wooden shed by the jetty feeling very nervous. 20[1] When Clara wasn't looking, Lyra also retrieved the spy-fly tin from her boots. She was given pyjamas and allowed to keep the alethiometer because she passed it off as a toy. This placed the seed in Lyra's mind which led her to later kiss Will. to save her uncle's life, but alerted Lord Asriel to her hiding place. Lyra proceeded to show Dr Lanselius her alethiometer and he tasked her with answering a question about the Tartars. It was at this time that Lyra suddenly remembered something that Professor Trelawney had said back in the retiring room - what Iofur Raknison wanted more than anything else was a dæmon. She proceeded to spit in his face, which he calmly wiped away. Though she received little formal education, she was quick-witted and canny. Farder Coram explained that it was still buzzing away in a smoke-leaf tin that had been soldered shut. Once up in the air, Lyra admired the view from above. After asking for proof that Pantalaimon could still change shape, the man from Bolvangar handed the Samoyed coins. “I was sitting in the waiting room with 20 other girls,” Keen remembers. Dafne Keen, 14, is playing the 12-year-old Lyra. At half-past seven, the nurses had the children wash, dress and go to the canteen all together. Don’t follow rules, because rules can be useful, but they can be very stupid and pointless,” she says – sounding very much like her Lyra herself. Lyra and Will descended from the tower by hopping off the roof, and Lyra introduced Will to Kaisa. Edward Coulter would have killed Lyra if Asriel hadn’t killed him first. Lyra settled in with the nuns, mostly with Sister Fenella, whom she only ever really felt comfortable with. Lyra Silvertongue, previously and legally known as Lyra Belacqua, was a young girl from Oxford in Brytain. Sister Clara seemed to lack all qualities of curiosity and imagination, and showed Lyra to an exam room. John Faa heard that Iorek was a criminal, but Lyra made a passionate plea on his behalf. When people are younger, and haven't yet gone through puberty, their dæmon can change shape into a different animal in an instant. I had Philip Pullman right next to me, and I was like, oh god! This article contains information from The Secret Commonwealth.Read with caution to avoid spoilers. When the Master of Jordan College proposed that Lyra go to live with Mrs Coulter, Lyra was very excited. It was up in the balloon that Lyra finally met Serafina Pekkala herself, and it turned out she was the one who saved Lyra and Roger from Mrs Coulter minutes before. “He always plays bad people. However, she found that one of the gyptian children had been kidnapped by the Gobblers, a group rumoured to be kidnapping children from all over. The witches in the sky rained down arrows upon them and were soon joined by reinforcements, including the arrival of Mrs Coulter's zeppelin. Will cut a window, but they were both disappointed when they saw that it opened to a spot fifty feet in the air. Mary made them some coffee and explained more about dark matter and shadow-particles. It gave her a direct answer to a room in the building nearby, and gave her some additional information. Lyra was rescued by Will, who used the subtle knife to cut into another world. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She caused a bit of a scene before finding out that one of the men had fed it to his dogs. During her drugged sleep, she dreamed of her former friend Roger Parslow, ghosts and the world of the dead. They arrived in the Smokemarket and joined the rest of the gyptians for the journey. Lord Asriel went to talk to Iorek Byrnison as Thorold ran a bath for the children. They took the infant Lyra on a long and dangerous journey along the flooded river to reach Lord Asriel in London. Once they arrived in Norroway he played in the snow as an Arctic fox. She loved it. Lyra and Roger made their way into the balloon, and were soon joined by Iorek Byrnison. The sentry that had followed Iorek inside came back outside to join the rest of the forces, and they all fired when Iorek came out of the house fully armoured. Lyra went straight to the sledge depot and found Iorek hard at work mending metal. I suddenly felt this thing on my face and then it started stinging and then it expanded all over my face. Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. Mary was considerably shocked and asked once again who Lyra was. Then, they set off again on their journey. Lyra and the Costa family travelled to the Fens via the Great Junction Canal to attend the Byanroping. The following morning, Lyra told herself that the gyptians would definitely come and rescue her and the others before long. They caught up with Will, and Lyra spoke to him briefly about the kids from Cittàgazze, saying she never thought kids could be so cruel. Lyra noticed that the adults were very slack in organizing the fire drill. Without warning, a cliff-ghast landed at their feet, and it lunged at Lyra. [4] Marisa wanted nothing more to do with her daughter and the girl was put in the care of Godstow Priory in Wolvercote. During the time in which Lyra travelled through the land of the dead, Pan spent time travelling with Kirjava across many different worlds of the multiverse. When she decides to pursue her own goals she can’t always just wander off in search of them – … Ma Costa revealed that unthinkable truth to Lyra about her parents’ history and how she ended up an “orphan” at Jordan College. She did a series in Spain, The Refugees, alongside her father. Asriel reminded Lyra about the story of Adam and Eve, and read her a passage from the Bible. Amidst many conversations, a girl named Bridget McGinn revealed that she had been with Tony Makarios before he was taken away. She even saw a city in its lights. She was introduced to high-society living and mannerisms. She wrote a dissertation entitled 'Developments in patterns of trade in the European Arctic region with particular reference to independent cargo balloon carriage (1950-1970)'.[13]. “Two VIP Lin-Manuel Miranda guest tickets. Right now, Keen is preparing to go back to Wales to film season two, which loosely adapts The Subtle Knife, the second book in the trilogy. Lyra immediately ducked under her hood and went inside with the rest of the children. When Will arrived down in the kitchens, Lyra was immediately concerned with his unsteadiness and helped him to sit. Lyra woke up the next morning and went outside. She was 11. There they “whisper of a prophecy, a prophecy of a child with a great destiny.” Is Lyra that child? They went to two cinema shows before deciding to go back to the window that would lead to the other world. Many of the them in and around Jordan College in Oxford, the main school of learning in Lyra's world. She also explained that she had overheard the cliff-ghasts speaking of something or someone known as Æsahættr, and how it was the ultimate weapon, before she was attacked by them. Mary finally agreed to let Lyra try the machine, admitting she felt like she was in a dream so why not? She was lost in the fog for days, eating berries that she found along the path. She retrieved it from the bag when Farder Coram was not looking, and had Iorek craft two flat cylinders. As soon as I read the books, I knew this was a good message to the world, and it’s important that we have stories about young girls, because there aren’t many,” she says. Lyra laid down to sleep near Will with her back to him. This was Lyra's first accurate reading of the alethiometer. She had a slight limp as Will led her away from the accident and around the corner to a bench. The harpies helped Lyra and her companions to reach the highest point in the Land and Will cut a window allowing souls to leave into the mulefa world, becoming one with the multiverse. Serafina Pekkala explained to Ruta that she had to stay and continue helping Lyra and Will find his father. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. Soon enough, the watch-bears roared at the arrival of Iorek Byrnison. Asriel wasn’t punished for killing Edward Coulter, but he was for his crime of adultery. And if it had been his head, the Tartars wouldn't have been the ones to kill him. He was quick to let Lyra onto his back and pursue Lord Asriel using the sledge tracks in the snow, and his fellow bears followed closely behind. On their way back to the café, they grabbed a change of clothes from one of the shops for blood-soaked Will to change into. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. She gave him a potion and he immediately fell asleep, leaving Lyra to tell Serafina everything that had happened since they had last seen each other. Mrs Coulter slapped Lyra hard across the face, stunning Lyra enough for her mother to force a sleeping potion down her throat. Lyra also deduced that Mrs Coulter was after something that Lyra had with her, but it didn't appear to be the alethiometer, although that was her best guess. She was rescued at the last minute by Kerim, Jaxer, and Tony Costa. Lyra noticed that Will was very angry, and in a heated argument, he insisted that she was just drawing attention to them by talking to the police officers. A child destined to save the world. She almost backed down from her plan at the sight of him. He insisted that they must make it look like someone accidentally forgot to lock the cages, so he asked Lyra to grab some snow and blow some into each cage's lock. The separation in this manner caused a great deal of trauma to both Lyra and Pan however granted them the witch-like ability to separate from each other at will later on and travel further than the standard distance. Kaisa revealed that some witch clans were working with the General Oblation Board, aka "Dust-hunters," and he also revealed that the children being sought were held in a place called Bolvangar. Otherwise he wouldn't be so normal. Lyra and Roger were invited to eat, and she ate a seal kidney raw along with some blubber. Everyone calls me Monkey.” In the books, daemons change form until their human reaches adulthood, when they settle as one fixed animal. They travelled to a town there where they were taken to the holding area because they were still living. In His Dark Materials Lyra is a young girl who inhabits a universe parallel to our own. Children were panicked and Lyra fell a couple times making her way outside. They noticed that Mrs Coulter's dæmon was constantly spying on them and had probably discovered the alethiometer that Lyra had hidden in her room. Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon, along with the evil golden monkey, in the "His Dark Materials" trailer from HBO. You can read our review of the series here. During the rest of the afternoon, Lyra and four other girls were tested for Dust. ET for people in the US. Will told her to be quiet if she wanted to stay and listen to the conversation, so she quieted herself. Lyra learned that Serafina had been so in love with Farder Coram that she wanted to give up her witch ways and live beside him as a gyptian wife, but it just hadn't been possible. “I was thinking, oh god, they’re all blond. Asriel killed Edward during the battle between them, but as a result, Asriel lost all his wealth to fines. Lyra and Pan about to undergo intercision. That evening, they stopped to sleep on the mountains. Inside the dimly-lit building were cages upon cages of dæmons without their humans. In Northern Lights, the first book of the trilogy, she is “like a half-wild cat”, with dirty fingernails, green eyes and grubby blond-ish hair. She convinced the imprisoned man to teach her about the ways of the bears. Shockingly, Will did not have a dæmon, but he did not behave like an intercised child. Although this is what concerned Lyra the most, Will suggested they focus on what Sir Charles and Mrs Coulter might do next. Loyalty After a brief internal struggle, her compassion won against the revulsion and she wrapped her arms around Tony as they headed back through the village and across the tundra to catch up with the gyptians. Later that night, Farder Coram and Lyra went over to Einarsson's Bar, where they had been told Iorek would go after work. Just last month he published the second book in a new trilogy called "The Book of Dust," which takes place in the years before and after the "His Dark Materials" stories. She was soon thrown into the guillotine intercision contraption with Pantalaimon on the other side. The imprisoned professor, Jotham Santelia. Serafina told them about a cave in the woods that was not far away, and told them to meet her and the other witches there. Lyra fetched her outdoor clothes from the ceiling in the dormitory, then blended into the crowd of children so she could make it outside. During her time wandering, she was only able to find a bit of bread while she was in the town, unfamiliar with the refrigerators and canned food that were in most of the kitchens. He got Keen tickets to see his smash-hit musical, Hamilton. Kaisa told Lyra to return to the other children while he would help the lost dæmons find their humans. From her description, the older gyptians deduced that a group of the Sibirsk Regiment must have been hired to defend the place. Because the daemons on screen are CGI, the actors shot their scenes with puppets to make their interactions as authentic as possible. Pantalaimon became fearful and buried himself in Lyra's chest. It looked to Lyra that he was controlling the Aurora with his experiment. I was just, like, a small, scrappy Latin girl. No one should be able to do that, yet Lyra can learn things from it no one else could possibly know. When she returned to the throne room, Lyra flattered Iofur by acting impressed that the first creature he killed was his own father. She had him drive her back to Summertown so she could escape to the other world, and kept up minimal conversation with him. She was in such shock that she fell completely limp and weak in the other man's arms. As the other gyptians gathered around to see what was going on, the rest of the town had appeared and was approaching the harbour as well. Will & Lyra Meeting on His Dark Materials Is Already All I Want to Talk About. Once she had got the direction, she and Will began to walk. Lyra sobbed and demanded that Thorold help her get dressed. The character's first name comes from Lyra Davidica, which means "harp of David." Pan was able to look over the mountain peak and told Lyra that Asriel was all set up and Roger was trapped, but suddenly the Aurora in the sky went out. They all exchanged information and Roger told Lyra about a crawl space in the ceiling. Will was extremely angry with her, and came to the conclusion that they would have to travel together to the city centre or Lyra would give them away. Dark blonde[3] At the Byanroping, the gyptians and their king, John Faa, decided to travel to the North to rescue the children who had been kidnapped. Some of the children left the tower and tried to rush up the outside rooftop, but Lyra went to the edge and Pan changed into a leopard causing the children to pause. It's considered a major taboo for a human to touch another person's dæmon — but they can (and often do) touch and hold their own. During her time doing so, Dr Lanselius revealed to Farder Coram that Lyra Silvertongue was the child mentioned in a centuries-old witch prophecy. Meanwhile, Lyra held Roger's dead body in her arms. Suddenly, Roger felt a pain because Stelmaria had once again grabbed his dæmon and wouldn't let go. She revealed that the Cave seemed to react to any item that had been associated with human workmanship or human thought. She placed the coin in Tony's mouth before returning to Farder Coram's side and eating some food. She brought up the topic of how her father showed the Scholars at Jordan Stanislaus Grumman's trepanned head, and Lee theorized that it may not have been Grumman's head. She was clever and curious, but extremely independent; as a result, her education was patchy because she applied herself only to subjects that caught her interest. Once Lyra showed she was able to read the alethiometer, Lord Faa announced that she would be joining them. Mrs. Coulter wasn’t formally punished for her sins, but she was a social outcast for years. Lyra also learned that Iorek was exiled because he killed a bear during a fight over a she-bear. "Into this wild abyss,The womb of nature and perhaps her grave,Of neither sea, nor shore, nor air, nor fire,But all these in their pregnant causes mixedConfusedly, and which thus must ever fight,Unless the almighty maker them ordainHis dark materials to create more worlds,Into this wild abyss the wary fiendStood on the brink of hell and looked a while,Pondering his voyage ...". This gesture soothed Will and he regained his composure in order to learn what Giacomo Paradisi was teaching him. At the premiere, Jack Thorne, who wrote the screenplay, likened Lyra to Greta Thunberg. He often took this form whilst sleeping, curling up around Lyra's neck. In the 1999 unabridged audio production, Lyra was performed by the voice-over actress Jo Wyatt (as Joanna Wyatt). He warned them against giving the knife to Charles Latrom, who would ultimately betray them. Instead, under Lyra's suggestion, he claimed to the other bears that he called Iorek Byrnison there himself and was intent on the winner ruling over Svalbard forever. “Everybody had seen it apart from me! Both were the shape of the alethiometer, but one was slightly bigger so that the spy-fly tin could be put inside and its noise muffled by moss and lichen. “She taught me to speak up. Film adaptation Later that evening, Lyra was toasting bread when Will woke up. He then recommended that the gyptians find a way to employ an armoured bear, a prospect that Lyra was very excited about. When they arrived at Charles' mansion in Old Headington, they were allowed entrance by his servant. Mary led Lyra into the other room where the Cave was and she explained that one had to be hooked up to it and the screen would display the Shadow reactions. Keen particularly liked hers as a pine marten. However, she is highly intelligent, and is particularly talented at deceiving others; she is capable of making up complex yet plausible lies on the spur of the moment. Lyra Belacqua, aged around eleven at the beginning of the trilogy, is the daughter of Lord Asriel and Marisa Coulter in a fictional Oxford, similar to our own.